1. I often overestimated when I was losing weight as someone two inches shorter, but I was on a budget of 1400 a day when doing just light walks so I think you’re likely in danger of under eating this way unless you were truly that bad at tracking before.

  2. They should be free for you according to this; when you check in for your flight the night before and get your boarding pass, that’s when you’ll enter how many you’re checking.

  3. Rice cake, tablespoon of butter, banana (optional) or a slice of toast with an egg and/or half an avocado.

  4. I eat at maintenance and am still low key miserable, but it’s doable.

  5. The progress bar has the light green with the white lines, which shows how much of what you budgeted has been spent. There’s no dark green so that should mean I don’t have any funds available

  6. Not in this screen when it’s displaying the target.

  7. As much as I hate moving things off the essentials, I think you have to. That reflects the reality, which is that you do not have the money for them after all. If any of them come due before payday, then they’ll be orange for now on credit until you assign more money to the category, which is at least not red haha

  8. I wear almost exclusively sneakers and loafers

  9. I feel like you’re just marking it as a transfer to your savings account and not doing the second step, which is assigning them to a category titled “savings bucket” (or whatever) from your ready to assign dollars, just like you would assign dollars to rent or groceries.

  10. It works but not with the coat buttoned imo

  11. For me, I have certain categories I can’t steal from unless it’s a truly inescapable expense, like the credit card man is going to show up at my house if I don’t pay him, etc. It’s almost all bills (I give myself slack on the end of month ones until past the 15th of the month), savings for essential items (like my quarterly taxes), and groceries. It forces me to wait until my next paycheck for some things, but that’s all for the best.

  12. Your body isn’t broken, you just ran into the problem lots of people do with “diets”—two weeks isn’t enough time to do anything. Get an app like Happy Scale that’s smarter than us regular people at finding a trend line in the noise of weight fluctuations, keep up with this for at least another month without going to extremes (so no starving yourself far below a 500cal deficit) and then assess and see if things are trending down on the app.

  13. I follow a couple of petite influences (hangtw and jeanwang on Instagram) and I’ve basically been wearing a uniform of Madewell thin turtlenecks tucked into Abercrombie’s tailored trousers (they have petite styles), which I can make more casual or professional depending on accessories while feeling very chic. It’s so annoying to have to completely rebuilt your wardrobe, I get it—that said, being able to wear all these small sizes easily now makes shopping so much more fun! I would follow all the various petite friendly stores that Jean in particular recs or get on their mailing lists and then make your purchases when they have big sales, that’s what I did.

  14. We don't know. Could happen immediately or could take 18 months to become integrated. We also don't know what the rates will be, I'd guess pretty reasonable redemptions will still remain, but we just don't know.

  15. Basically any heavy flow days mean lots of hunger for me; I know that cramping is not necessarily isolated to just the uterus so sometimes if it causes your stomach area to cramp too that can feel like hunger even if you’re not actually hungry (or make you rush to the restroom, etc). Anyway when I was still counting calories I would just accept eating at maintenance while still being low key miserable those days, unfortunately.

  16. Nope, but I’ve never been into hostels and backpacking so I think traveling with more disposable income is fantastic.

  17. I agree with this about the thin people I know, I find they often just talk about it differently. Like instead of saying “I have do to xyz so I don’t gain weight,” it’s something like “oh I feel so bleh today because I’ve been eating like crap lately” and then they consciously choose healthier items.

  18. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely worth it. I just went because others in my group did and I was really charmed by the architecture and vibe.

  19. Just wanted to thank you for posting this because it’s exactly what happened with mine, so I’m going to just leave the battery out for now and get a tech to come

  20. Lower is not automatically better. Aim for exactly in target, watch the weight loss roll in, feel smug if it feels easy, enjoy your goal weight when it arrives exactly on schedule.

  21. This is the anxiety that YNAB can release you from. Once you know you put money away for your bills and your priorities savings categories (so not just “just in case, just to have it” but “next month’s expenses” or “moving out” etc) then you are free to spend that extra grocery money guilt free!

  22. Rationally I know they're all bullshit and lying for views, but it's like brain just sees what's in front of me and thinks that must be reality.

  23. 20 pounds at your size is an incredible amount of weight loss. You had a plan that was working and you were able to keep up for a year, and you changed it because ??? Stop trying to race to an imaginary finish line and just keep taking one step at a time, and you’ll make it to your goal guaranteed.

  24. Honestly my appetite adjusted so that a delicious meal half the size of before usually satisfies me. Just take half home and have a killer lunch the next day, and add in a moderate but not pro athlete level of exercise and you’re fine. It’s not all or nothing the way you seem to have it here.

  25. Whenever I try to do a normal diet, I feel like anything I eat makes me gain 1 pound and so like 3 meals a day is 3 pounds gained and I’ll never lose the weight.

  26. Well your feeling here is incorrect because that’s not how the science works. Not to be rude but that’s part of why I don’t recommend calorie counting or dieting to children, because you’re not making decisions based on rational science and a careful plan, you’re going off of emotions which are often not accurate reflections of reality and inconsistent. It’s up to you on if you get help, but definitely don’t diet right now, just focus on learning to cook healthy recipes so you have the tools to be a healthy adult later.

  27. I use Airtable, in the public template library there’s a fantastic shopping list/meal planning/recipe gallery one!

  28. For reference, I’m at maintenance now but this was basically what I ate in my 1400cal budget for 30lbs lost (copying from a different comment I gave someone before)

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