Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. i’ve 🙏 loved ❤️our 🤝 good 😔 times ⏰here 💔

  2. i did an Illinois dynasty a while ago and it was fun. they have cool jerseys and an awesome fight song.

  3. if i had a nickel for every time a team from Ohio lost in the semifinals on a last second field goal in the past month, i’d have two nickels. which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice, right?

  4. fucking Penn State. they always run hurry up and it’s so frustrating.

  5. Pace is the only acceptable answer for the first. The only time I've ever heard of an offensive lineman getting serious heisman talk. Needed to invent stats to talk about and came up with pancakes.

  6. as great as Eddie George was, i don’t know if he wins the Heisman without Orlando.

  7. ours is classic. i remember learning songs in elementary school to the tune of Carmen Ohio.

  8. I know but i meant to say that moving forward In the future I don’t think there will be an album as influential as wlr

  9. And what is Brutus? An unholy monstrosity borne of the forbidden love of man and a tree?

  10. Yes but legends are people that USED to be good at the game, so USC fits well

  11. wrong. Hoosier wins by virtue of us never possibly being able to know its true power.

  12. SDSU would be a great addition and I think that they should for sure receive an invite to the PAC-12. Unfortunately for them, I can't see who could be added along with them that fits as well as they do. For football 11 is a perfectly fine number in my opinion, it's going to be basketball where the problems lie. I love the pseudo-pod system that the PAC utilizes for basketball and not having that travel partner makes it much tougher. I think that if SDSU gets an invite, they will be coming with Fresno State

  13. i would think Fresno would be the best choice. i could also see UNLV being a solid option despite the fact that their football team is… not great.

  14. This kind of thinking never made sense to me - albeit I do have a vested interest in the Pac-12 looking at the Central Time Zone

  15. i feel like the “Pacific” bit in the name is holding them back from adding teams like Tulane, although the four corners schools aren’t exactly Pacific either

  16. Ohio State #1 and #2 is anybody playing Michigan. Fuck Michigan.

  17. i got two favorite teams. Ohio State and whoever’s playing Michigan

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