1. You definitely need to discuss this with a specialist. You might get some more helpful responses if you also posted in a trans forum— there are trans ppl with PCOS, you ain’t the only one :)

  2. Start going to food banks to save money. The time is now. Don’t wait until things are worse to seek out these types of resources. Apply for SNAP or be prepared to apply once you have your first place, if you think you’ll qualify then.

  3. My personal trainer (not physical therapist) suggested this exercise for me as well, alternating with walking on my tip toes. The tip toe walking is easy for me, the walking on my heals is harder.

  4. Yeah I do both of those exercises you mentioned! The bathroom habit is a really great tip but my memory sucks, don’t think I could build the habit out of it, but I’ll try. Oh! I’ll write a reminder on my bathroom mirror, atleast I’ll know to do it on the way back haha!

  5. Given that the inflammation is in the heel, I feel thats not necessarily going to help. Esp when they say ice/elevate/rest.

  6. It’s kind of ironic because before I did this exercise, I asked the therapist if I could wear my shoes, while I balanced on each foot for a different exercise, because I was concerned putting all of my weight on each foot would trigger a flare.

  7. Mirtazapine behaves a little differently than most medications. In general, higher doses of medications cause a more pronounced effect, like increasing the dose of your blood pressure medicine will make your blood pressure lower. When it comes to sleep, this is not the case with mirtazapine. Lower doses, like the 7.5mg you’re on, are more sedating than your previous dose of 30mg. It’s counterintuitive, but if 7.5mg is too sedating, than you should be going up in dose, not down.

  8. I’ve been really interested in the concept of “less is more” with medications like this. But I struggle to think of the keywords when I look for resources on it. I’m really curious about what other medications this is relevant to. I first learned about it when orphenadrine gave me insomnia, after the prescriber had showed concern that it would be too sedating, haha. Are there sources that explain this for a variety of medication or would I have to look up each one individually?

  9. You sound a lot like me! I’m 31 now but like you struggled with hirsutism and acne from 15, was told I likely had PCOS and put on Dianette. I came off at 24 and had a blissful four years of no symptoms and totally regular periods until I was 28 and put on a high androgen pill to regulate my periods when they suddenly became irregular. Now I’m stuck with hair loss triggered by that pill, due to my sensitivity to androgens.

  10. How long did it take for the androgenic BC to worsen your symptoms, due to the sensitivity? I recently started Norithendrone and I’m really worried about it. I’m pretty certain that the 10-day course of medroxyprogesterone triggered my hair loss a couple months ago. Also I’m really sorry you were put through that! BC did nothing for me as a teen even tho it reduced my testosterone levels

  11. I know some people have more hair on one side of their head (or even just a different texture) so I would t be surprised if hirsutism isn’t symmetrical for everyone

  12. If you’re ready to walk out, try talking to management. What do you have to lose at this point? It isn’t reasonable to expect you to work like that. Even if they pretend it is.

  13. I had a few interactions with it when I was 16. My parent was very antipsychiatry (they’re super ignorant about healthcare, they even said my thyroid meds were “bullshit”) I did need therapy but what I got was subpar and my dad wouldn’t stop yelling at me about how I was wasting his money etc so I convinced them I was better and quit. I was taking Wellbutrin and he made me quit cold turkey for no logical reason. Learned to cope by substance abuse. Stopped smoking weed in my 20s and couldn’t cope. Saw a psychiatrist, was doing better, but then they fucked up (couldn’t get my refill) and I withdrawed for 4-5 days off an SSRI, hospitalized myself, got misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. Use your imagination for the rest

  14. I got diagnosed with a memory impairment after being on antipsychotics for 1.5 years and then taking an anticonvulsant (off label, it should have never been prescribed) that is notorious for causing memory loss issues. The antipsychotics definitely had an influence on my cognitive abilities, and I think my physical health issues have also contributed. There’s no denying that these other medications had an impact (also took an SNRI through most of that time).

  15. That's the kind of wondering that gets you back on the drug carousel for more brain fucking, also you're still on an anticonvulsant of course you have memory problems.

  16. I’m really cautious at the thought of taking a stimulant. I react differently to medications compared to how I did before the whole antipsychotic fiasco. I’m not too enthusiastic about seeking an ADHD diagnosis because of all the hype over self-diagnosis. I’ve been invalidated by healthcare my whole life, trying to pick my battles haha.

  17. Yaz is drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol. Drospirenone is an analogue of spironolactone, I’m assuming Yaz is great if you want to avoid androgenic BCs. My gyno is making me try norethindrone (progestin-only) because I have liver issues. The side effect list is ALOT shorter compared to combination BC. My problem is that it’s not anti-androgenic so I’m really worried it will do more harm than good. I’d love to take drospirenone by itself but my insurance doesn’t cover it. There’s a program to help reduce cost for it, but I’m disqualified lol.

  18. If it’s GI issues, I heard you could bypass that with having metformin made into a cream that you rub on your skin. It’s probably expensive, but it lessens the GI effects.

  19. With this law passed, can they take just any homeless person, or does there have to be some kind of evidence the homeless person is mentally ill?

  20. My best guess on the high TSH/normal t4 is it could be subclinical hypothyroidism. Many ppl with PCOS also have hypothyroid.

  21. Wait so your psychiatrist is discouraging therapy? That’s crazy.

  22. I’ve heard about this with PCOS but I don’t know the exact cause(s). My hormones were around menopausal levels (and didn’t fluctuate) as a teen so my breasts never grew/developed properly.

  23. My family tends to be really defensive and assumes that I’m assuming they don’t know something when I talk about it, whether they know or not. How am I supposed to know if they know something? If I literally ask them if they know the thing before telling them about it, that backfires. So I developed a habit of saying shit like “I recently learned that ____”. It makes it sound like I’m not questioning their own knowledge. Although I guess it wouldn’t work with the context of your story.

  24. I took accutane as a teen. Only did one round. After I finished, my face was clear for about 6 months. I don’t think accutane is a good treatment for PCOS acne. Also, some people are really against antibiotics for acne. I can’t tell you why, google it.

  25. Community college is a good idea. You should stay with your parents. You are blessed to have that kind of financial support. Take advantage of it.

  26. Pueraria Mirifica is an herb that worked great for me, that was a decade ago. I’d take it for 3 weeks, stop, get a period (light/normal) that lasted a week. Only did it for two months. The problem is that there’s not enough research about its safety or effectiveness, plus it’s not FDA regulated, and I already have liver disease, so I refuse to take it now.

  27. Phew, this is exactly what I was hoping to hear. ;) Thank you very much for your response... good to know!

  28. I’ve tried both pamoate and HCL. Was also concerned that HCL would be less effective for anxiety/sleep, based on Dr. Google. But it seems to be just as effective.

  29. I’m not sure if you qualify for SSDI, the amount of work credits required is different based on age groups and EOD (age when you became disabled). But I can’t imagine you not qualifying for disability. If you didn’t have enough credits for SSDI, you’d get SSI. But I think you would have to apply for both. There might be a calculator that helps you figure out if you have enough credits for SSDI, surely your lawyer would know?

  30. I think the hormonal imbalance contributes to emotional dysregulation, and the hirsutism ETC definitely contributed to my depression. I don’t think psych meds should be the default for treating depression associated with PCOS. I’m happy that studies are pointing out how those side effects influence our quality of life, because I was met with a lot of invalidation, regarding that aspect. I think healthcare should be encouraged to expand research & access to prescriptions, that effectively treat the cosmetic side effects.


  32. Lmao when I met my new psychiatrist I created a whole ass diagram detailing events/meds/symptoms through every year of my life 🤣 it was a bit much, but it worked

  33. I also have medical trauma, planning to ask my PCP for PT for my back. Very nervous.

  34. I’m a layperson but I suggest thinking about if the OCD traits started/worsened before or after you started any medication. I’m diagnosed with BPD and I’ve struggled with OCD traits throughout my life. I’ve noticed it fluctuates with the medications I’ve taken.

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