1. Get ready for that to fall and boxes get ruined. Might not happen today or next week but it will eventually happen.

  2. Every 5 rows has 3m picture hangers on the protectors so the weight is spread and its held to the wall

  3. i'd probably re-evaluate that middle wall of pops. it's likely unstable and i'm sure i've seen other posts about similar walls and the bottom pops being crushed from the weight (yes, i know they don't weigh much, but it all counts).

  4. All are in protectors and every 5 rows has 3m hangers holding the weight of the next ones, so only the weight of 4 pops sitting on the 3m pop if that makes sense

  5. This is legit the best collection I’ve seen

  6. Tysm I can't wait to get it fully setup and share more pics

  7. Awesome my number 1 is at CGC right now to get signed by Scottie

  8. He's on my horror wall with Georgie and the framed movie

  9. Wow! Where did you get these signed? Also what’s that weird rainbow figure in the top right corner?

  10. I got the bob camps signed at niagara falls comic con and the billy west's at fan expo in Toronto.

  11. I got him at fanexpo in Toronto. And no he did the 2 and my FRY from futurerama all at the same time

  12. I want that fry pop so bad nice find

  13. I'm getting it signed by billy west on Saturday

  14. is it sold out? tried searching for it just now :(

  15. Ya you can get the non nude version still. Check out

  16. I know the image is the same (or at least close to Nevermind), but is the comic Nirvana themed? Can you open that thing to read it, or are you stuck with a showpiece? Either way, it's cool af, but I'm curious.

  17. It's not nirvana themed and ya it's just a show piece once a book is encapsulated and graded it becomes a show piece with no way to read

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