1. you probably have some infectious disease by now i’d get your eyes checked ASAP

  2. I once had someone answer me to a question 6 months later. I feel like if you explained you issues and just reached out trying to ask them about their lives and how things are you will notice a lot of these people will still be mostly the same friends. Hope it goes alright. And good luck with future anxiety issues and with your friends.

  3. i am definitely that 6 month later person. i always think it’s better later than never.

  4. In general how i hold the chatting culture with people. I write when i think of you, have the time and the mental headspace and i want you to be in the right headspace to answer and not to be hectic about answering, would much rather read a full on "i had time to write out all my thoughts"-message, than a "hahaha k"

  5. i relate so much to this! it's not just about me being in the right mental state, which is already hard enough, but also making sure the other person can actually receive/handle the message appropriately!

  6. Bro, you don't have the w-word pass.

  7. i’ve been reading a lot about narcissistic parents and gaslighting lately, it’s apparently a thing! they invalidate and dismiss our reality (ie allergies, eurozone). it’s all about them!

  8. I'm fucking dying over here. Best thing I've seen today by a huge margin.

  9. i can only look at the picture for short periods before bursting laughing

  10. I am stone - I haven’t always been completely so and ideally I would like to expand the ways that I experience intimacy, but I do feel really fulfilled and happy with the sexual relationships I have right now. I’ve only met maybe one other person who is stone in person (though I’ve encountered many in literature and online), so don’t take me as an expert or anything, but here’s my understanding. In my (limited) experience, being stone is tied to one or more of 3 things: dysphoria, trauma, and preferences around the story of desire that is being told, including power dynamic and experiencing of control/vulnerability.

  11. i’m cishet but have followed this sub for months trying to better empathize and understand butch culture. your post puts it very clearly for me. thanks for taking the time and explaining all of this. i’m so sorry about your past trauma but happy to know there’s a way and space for you to be :)

  12. this is one of my all time fav scenes. the way pink helps transition moods in the background is just surreal. i’m native in spanish and the latin american version is just chef-kiss.

  13. Why do all animated tv shows turned to movie look the same? Like they have that clean look to em

  14. budgets increased so they can spend more money per frame

  15. Me, cycling to work knowing the inevitable is coming:

  16. this is the way. stick to your values and let north america do it’s thing

  17. You are right in your first instinct. Cutting chicken breast is disgusting. It was once a living bird. Cutting tofu is way more fun by the way. It's bouncy and satisfying and no unnecessary murder based on a false sense of species superiority and propaganda about how we "need" meat to be healthy. The new science on animal minds proves that raising meat is unethical and cruel.

  18. I have similar raw chicken aversion as OP, but I noticed it doesn’t happen with processed food as much, like hot dogs. I guess the separation makes the animal harder to tell apart.

  19. this is super cool! did you use some ML to count the leaves?

  20. I started with 21 when I bought it so I just kept counting as they appeared!

  21. wow big galaxy brain moment for me haha, makes absolute sense! your plant is beautiful and the variegation too!

  22. Sure the doorbell is just an aqura mini switch stick to the side of the house, when you press the button it triggers an automation that plays the mp3 doorbell sound on a Google home in my living room. The fog machine I got on clearance at Walmart for $10, it is turned on by a broad link universal remote which is also triggered when the button is pressed. Overall a very cheap and easy project I was able to make with things I already had.

  23. Thank you everyone for your help! Feeling empowered to give our pothos the proper care it deserves 👍🏼

  24. you’ve got this!! I typically water mines once a week or two.

  25. lmao no he wanted to defend himself with the dog from the fox

  26. Bruh, the OP said it was on his Mexican TV channel, he never said it was only on Mexican TV, y'all can't read

  27. some people may find the OpenWorm project very interesting.

  28. wow this looks incredible. what did you capture it with?

  29. they look incredible! keep in mind Araucarias take forever to grow!

  30. This is my Marin Larkspur 2. I bought this bike to set up as an adventure/overnight rig. It’s an absolute blast to ride. It’s comfortable, and although it’s not as fast as my Warbird, I have been pleasantly surprised that it’s not as slow as I expected it to be. I love the way it looks, and I’ve been riding it a ton since I got it.

  31. this was a fun video to watch. you gotta change the music tho, for real

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