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  1. I came here to say this except I was going to say Clarence. 😂

  2. I would like to see some reporting about why we're not engineering our yards for water capture, and whether HOAs have anything to do with that, or, if not, what could be done to further decrease water use.

  3. To add to this, why do we insist on zeroscape yards where we just lay down tons of rock that does nothing but absorb heat during the day and release it at night? Can't we have yards with low water native plants, and dirt that doesn't capture heat?

  4. Frankly it's not the crowd's place to judge how they choose to express their beliefs or in fact whether they hold them in the first place unless of course they'd like to invite that lens turned right back on them. I'm sure we could find all sorts of areas of the average person's life to force compromises in based on what we deem to be what they should truly believe.

  5. No one is asking for players to believe anything... Just to wear a jersey for a few minutes to show that hockey is a sport that welcomes everyone.

  6. You might want to logically run through that again. Specifically the implications of wearing said jersey. If it helps you think clearly replace LGBTQ with various other groups of your choosing. Ones whose choices you don't endorse and put yourself in the position of the player.

  7. I don't buy it. It's a uniform, regardless of the name on the back, the name on the front is far more important. The players sign contracts to wear the uniform. They should wear the uniform. But more to your point, they're making a choice to express their bigotry because the LGBTQ community is still one that society allows to be discriminated against. They're not asked to "believe" in homosexuality any more than wearing a pride sweater is participating in it... They're asked to wear a jersey for 10 minutes so that little kids can see that it's OK for them to want to play hockey.

  8. Premarket should be as green as the grinch's gooch! I will remain dubious but ever hopeful.

  9. Yeah idk why everyones getting excited. I saw the 50% AH and didn’t feel anything lol

  10. Right?? I'm still down more than 50% (and I know I'm lucky) I might feel a twinge of happiness when my account turns green... Or after a few weeks of consecutive +100% days.

  11. It goes the other way as well as police get murdered on these. steps

  12. It sucks. I’ve been doing a little project eating at every Mexican restaurant in Tucson (up to 104 so far) and it’s, unfortunately, not the worst. There are some real gems, and a lot of garbage as well, more than I thought there would be. I am fine it’s there though, more people go there so there is less time to wait at other places. But it has made me completely question and avoid the “place to go” in other cities.

  13. Are you eating at each place in a chain? Like comparing the various Los betos' to one another? Or just picking one as a representative for entire chain?

  14. Well. It’s better you are honest with him. You don’t want him to turn 6,000,000 just to find you lied to him.

  15. I made it 22 years, but I admit I never had a student go this far. If so, I wouldn't have made it.

  16. That beast on the other side of the door is a student? I thought it was a pissed off parent.. Or a bear.

  17. I didn't ride for almost 20 years, then bought a bike a few years ago, I'd forgotten about how we wave at each other until some passing goldwings all waved at me... I gotta say it's one of my favorite things about riding. It feels nice to be part of a club.

  18. A good chain is surprisingly expensive. You wouldn't want to just leave it sitting out.

  19. I am currently in a case where OC sent two declarations (signed under penalty of perjury) for two defendants that were identical except for the names.

  20. Jfc, did you just read everything over, take a step back and sigh?

  21. The same OC, an assistant state attorney General was just ordered to show cause why he shouldn't be rule 11'd for making an absolutely moronic argument. The cherry on that shit sundae was his completely serious argument that Dobbs v. Jackson women's health meant that there was no such thing as stare decisis anymore.

  22. Why would TV talking heads give a single fuck about what RC tweets? As the kids say... It's the sus for me. Frfr.

  23. There's actually only 1 case where a plaintiff cited the 3rd amendment. It didn't go well.

  24. I’m pretty sure they are the ‘Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Burbank and surrounding area of California’, aren’t they?!

  25. That is hilarious, now there are 30 people working to add a few pieces of metal and paint the mortar a bit

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