1. As some one who falls slightly [cough] out side your age range, I do want to say that it so cool to see younger people get into the Dead, and that I think it is well worth studying. When Jerry died I thought the scene would fade away and it was a "you had to be there" sort of thing. I have never been happier to be so totally wrong.

  2. I totally agree. The phenomenon seems to me more prevalent now than ever. It’s alive and growing each day.

  3. I completely understand. Gotta stay in scope. How I got where I am now is a looong strange trip. But that particular paper came about for a course I was taking on technology impacts. I wrote about the evolution of live music amplification and PA systems from the 60's until present day, with the Wall as the pivotal technological development. Really I just wanted to write something on the Dead though haha.

  4. That sounds amazing. I would love to read it, if you’re able to share. No worries if not

  5. Just took the survey. Would love to see the results when it's done. Thanks

  6. Thank you so much, friend!!! Yes, I will be sharing the results! 💀✌🏻⚡️

  7. How can you get a true feel about what went down without talking to people who saw Jerry?

  8. Hey, no worries! So in addition to gathering data from the young dead I am also interviewing Grateful Dead Scholars in the field (all of which are veteran Deadheads from Jerry era) thank you!!!

  9. This man is legit is the back of 304 screaming and harassing innocent at their first show. How can you expect people to have a good experience when you’re harassing them in the back? like spend money on a pit ticket next time you fucking piece of shit

  10. Come over to 308. We’re chill and have room with a view.

  11. i remember seeing this for the first time and thinking it was kind of out of place.

  12. Yeah it def seems out of place. Almost accidental as if she didn’t know the reference at all

  13. I think it’s called “Here Comes Treble” and it’s hysterical. Great episode

  14. I submitted my report :) lol. Love the questions. Just about every single piece of clothing I own is related to the dead.

  15. Thank you, friend!!! I’ll share the results when I’m done

  16. Thank you!! I will definitely share the results

  17. I thought that Dany and Jon’s relationship was way too much. I get that they’re supposed to be “in love”, but I felt like it was way too much flirtation for the situation at hand. The world is ending. Also, I didn’t like the whole “you don’t like my girlfriend” vibe between Sansa and Jon. It seemed a little unrealistic and out of place. I found myself cringing every time Dany and Jon exchanges glances or smiles. Anyone else feel this way?

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