1. I am 23 and currently being a ski bum... The cost of living in ski towns mean it's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm working ridiculous hours just to make ends meet which means I'm hardly getting out on skis and I'm dead tired all the time. Luckily, I've had a good education so probably at the end of the season will get a 'proper job' as will have more money and more time off. That being said, I did a season in France and the work-life balance was much better... I don't want to be all doom and gloom but I would definitely be very selective about where you go and what kind of job you get

  2. Where do you currently live? I’m just not sure where to move as there are endless possibilities

  3. I'm living in Banff, which would obviously be at the upper end of the scale. As for where to go, I would just do some research, work out what your priorities are and then go from there

  4. Just use a free plan! For your first one I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself, just enjoy it :) you’ll get better so quickly with frequent training, even if you don’t have that much structure within each session

  5. Reiterating what others have said. Bizarrely, second bout was the worst for me, felt like I was getting better fairly quickly but my lungs felt like the size of walnuts for a few weeks. Take it slow, don’t go too hard too soon. Time is the best healer .

  6. I bought a COROS Pace 2 as my first watch and rate it very highly. Super slim and lightweight but has triathlon mode. Not that expensive either.

  7. Dating apps are a great way to meet fellow climbers, hikers, and mountaineers (that’s my current method lol). It’s typically easier if you live somewhere close to the mountains since there are more outdoorsy people using the app. There are also partner finder subreddits you can post on. Good luck!

  8. Local groups.. talk to everyone about it and see who has interest... what part of the world are you in?

  9. I’m in Banff for the winter season, you’d think there would be loads around here but not had much luck so far

  10. Trois Vallees - Val Thorens, Meribel, Courchevel . Love it because you can stay in VT which is cheaper and then head over to the super expensive stuff in Meribel and Courch. Massive ski area, pretty high altitude. Other resorts are fun and iconic (Chamonix is on my personal bucket list) but 3 Valleys is I would say the best if you're being practical! That being said I think so many European resorts are dependent on snow - if you have good snow then take a guide and you'll have an amazing time pretty much anywhere...

  11. Getting a road bike changed my life speed-wise. Going full gas on a beautifully smooth empty road is glorious - do it!!

  12. plan to not start a job for a month or so depending where you apply. That would also mean no staff accom (if provided) until closer to your start date. If you need to find your own accom be aware the rentals are practically 0% so be prepared to not find anything for a month or more. In other words have plenty of savings for a hostel is needed for a few months! Always best to be prepared if that’s needed.

  13. Thanks for the advice! Have been working frantically the whole summer so have a decent amount saved, best to have a plan for the worst case scenario I guess!

  14. Definitely try and get a women's specific brand also (e.g. Liv) - made a massive difference for me

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