1. Uhhh did you ever think that large stage shows like this aren't scripted as all hell? With so many people involved pulling everything together they have to be. What kind of journalist didn't know that?

  2. sigh I’ve worked in stage management, man, and it really isn’t.

  3. After spending the 90s/early 2000s moshing at rock shows, the first time I saw a mosh pit at an electronic show was positively bewildering. And it hasn’t gotten less weird for me.

  4. Horrible, isn’t it? Not just because raves should be inspiring PLUR and dancing - but because rave moshers just don’t seem to have the pit etiquette that’s developed over the decades at metal/punk gigs.

  5. I’m 6’4” and 300lbs. If I’m not jumping in, I always wall up at the edge. At when we were young I ended up hanging with a random group of locals and it was 4 guys and 1 girl. The 4 guys jumped in the pit when ADTR came on, but I stayed back to make sure this 5 foot nothing tiny Asian girl didn’t get trampled. Lol

  6. I saw Slayer back in the 90s and vividly remember the hardest mosher being a 5ft nothing tiny Asian girl… Funny old world…

  7. The only symptoms I have are fatigue and the WORST SORE THROAT EVER. Ahem.

  8. The joy of DJing is that you can choose whatever you like. For each of your questions.

  9. That was the cringiest cringe that ever cringed. I was half expecting "Sisters are doin' it for themselves" (Eurythmics) to start playing right after.

  10. At least that’s an epic, classic tune. As opposed to, say, No Doubt. And that No Doubt song didn’t come out til after the film was set, either.

  11. Great ideas that sadly suffered in the edit, fantastic performance by Larson, Law is suitably creepy, great to see Coulson back, just wished they’d leaned harder on the trippy amnesia stuff.

  12. We don't really takeout leftovers in UK it's seen as cheap which it is and they were quite right to have been embarrassed you should've been too.

  13. OP, your doctor will be well happy. Baklava are delicious!

  14. 1 Everyone stop worshipping DJs. It should be about the tunes and the vibe, not massaging someone’s ego.

  15. I'm an original raver, am an Insomniac OG, and here to give you a PSA that kandi was not a part of old skool raving, kandi (candy-ravers, originally) started in the last half of the 90's, were the main thing that original ravers hated, got super jaded about, and started quitting raving over.

  16. 44yr old junglist here. Yes. Thank you for that. Agree 1000%

  17. The ‘scrambled’ egg in the bagels was massively superior to the wedge of fried egg white we get in the muffins.

  18. I’ve got idiot neighbours like this. Let their kid run around til 10/11/12 at night then the bugger wakes the street up with repeated screaming at 3/4/5 am.

  19. Futurama Bender, baby! belches, swigs beer, lights cigar

  20. my guy i have never listened to marshmallow, but i am aware that he was one of the biggest artists of the last few years amongst the young people, and given how much money people like aviicii and calvin harris have made, and the fact that there has always been a conspiracy theory that marshmallow could be replaced without fans catching on because of the helmet, i could actually see him being able to sell the brand for that

  21. at first i was like, “damn, madonna was alive when jfk was president?!” then my dumbass saw the jr part lmfao.

  22. Sit down and shut up John, you’re even worse than Corbyn.

  23. 2. Heathrow is Heathrow, it’s always security that causes the queues going out, when you land back is when you’ll queue for passport control - they definitely had epassport gates and didn’t take long last time I used them but that is just down to landing time and how many flights arrive at the same time as you. Don’t recall it being any worse/different at Keflavik apart from they now stamp your passport.

  24. Hello everybody. I have a few (hopefully quick) questions as I’m hoping to visit RVK again soon. Hope it’s okay to post them here. Any help is gratefully received!

  25. Pretty much every character in the krakoa era is acting way different or has been completely butchered. Not even just mutants either

  26. Wouldn’t it be nice to see eminem with mike d and adrock? Just one time covering some BB greatest hits

  27. Uh, no. Naff idea and there are many, many better rappers out there if such a thing did ever happen.

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