1. Please do more wetting in panties and clothing. I love seeing the wet spread.

  2. As they were pulling me away I woulda looked that goof right in the eye and said "Ill get you bitch"

  3. Then a power bank is even better

  4. I dont think you're getting it. This is a power bank. You can charge it from the wall just the same but it also has solar panels built in to charge it when the power goes out. How is a normal power bank better than this in a power outage?

  5. It's cheaper and achieves the same = better.

  6. It doesnt acheive the same. If my power is out for a month I'll use up a battery bank in less than week. How am I gonna charge it then, silly? If you cant understand something so basic I'm afraid its not worth my time to continue talking to you. Have a good one.

  7. Algonquin rail. It charges in a day or two. Best to fully charge it before leaving and use the sun to supliment

  8. What's your route going to be? My hometown is smack in the middle of those two.

  9. I did pizza delivery on a bike years ago, and I had a system that works really well. Instead of a standard milk crate, I used one for sodas, which are shallower and longer. The pizzas don't fit inside the crate of course, but you just place the bag of pizza on top and secure it with an old bike tube. One end is attached to the back of the crate and the other end is tied to the seat post. You can add tension by just wrapping the tube around the post. This isn't going to carry enough for catering orders, but it works for every other order you're gonna get, and you should be using a trailer for catering anyway.

  10. I’m not sure why people are hating on this, what happened to live and let live?

  11. Why wouldn't you sign up for a safety inspection lol wtf did you grow up on a straight paint chips diet or what.

  12. Because just like I've told all 1000 of you dumb cunts, I know its unsafe and I dont care. How fucking hard is that to understand?

  13. I'll look it up. I legitimately know almost nothing about Ottawa. Thank you!

  14. Ok cool but it coulda been a perfect 90°

  15. I actually didnt want a parfect 90. I like to tilt the bottle back ever so slightly.

  16. Right was it done professionally or did he redneck this shit somehow I’m super curious

  17. Sorry took me so long to answer. I did it using a basic propane torch like a redneck.

  18. Fuck that noise. If this came through my parking lot I'd have to take the pellet gun to some paintjobs

  19. I bring a bag of eggs in my pocket when I go cycling. Everytime someone cuts me off or honks at me for being where I am supposed to be they get to clean egg off their car.

  20. We need to cleanse our beautiful country of this scum. How much do y'all wanna bet hes also on OW?

  21. Leftists will watch this and say the guy is racist for not wanting them in his car anymore.

  22. Here’s a list of everything they are wastes of: Oxygen, 9 Months of a woman’s life, 18 years of support and nurture, Food, Water, Money, A house, Education, The list goes on…

  23. Lets just remember that most of those things (for people like her) were paid for with our tax dollars. I bet she smells like cocoa butter and rotten tuna.

  24. How did you make the hole in bottom of the bottle?

  25. Do you notice any propane taste lingering when you use the Dyna? I use butane for mine and have noticed anything but I definitely feel like I inhale a lot of butane while heating it up just from running my torch.

  26. Sorry I used the propane to bend the glass tubes. For the dyna I use a butane torch

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