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  1. How long are they lasting so far?

  2. At least 500 rounds in 45, closer to 1000 rounds with 9mm and other lesser calibers

  3. The project needs rails made for it to be of any use. Go ask Aves when he's going to be able to finish making the needed rails! ;)

  4. They're ok, but they (like EGP) just buy kits from GunBroker, add a markup, and re-sell. They also do tend to support devs who make 3dp designs in different ways (myself included)

  5. That’s not entirely true. On a lot of items they are buying from local machinists who are active participants in the 3D2A community.

  6. If they ever want to reach out to me or anyone else who actually designs shit to make that clear, I think that'd be welcome. I'm trying to be transparent, since often people can get pure parts kits cheaper elsewhere, but PD does add some value in sourcing lots of those nuts and bolts, though they can also be ordered direct via aliexpress in bulk (if one is willing to wait).

  7. I could tell you all about that, DM me or katz and we can help :)

  8. Also, knowing that making a mag fit vs making a mag feed reliably from a weapon are two very different things ;)

  9. Lol my tmags are great, give em a try and I'll make you a believer

  10. Not nocking, just stating that there's a big difference in those stages (which you likely already know). I don't have an M&P, but sounds like you like to work on mags. I DMd you, sounds like you'd fit in working with folks over at the gatalog :)

  11. This frame has been successfully tested in 10mm... so the future is now *old man*

  12. Sounds like it’s coming along well! Any rough estimate of a launch? Need to know when to pick up a kit 😂

  13. Generic would be rock island kits on ebay and they work fine. And there will be a LOT of fitting just like building a metal 1911. It is not a lego set like an AR or glock

  14. Actually if you use drop-in parts, it's exactly like legos usually

  15. Unless the rails are getting chopped down to fit, I doubt this can be made to work (but I'd love to be proven wrong lol)

  16. I realize it's kind of antithetical to the spirit of this community, but I saw the potential for it, so I made it.

  17. I disagree. Spreading the signal and normalizing 3dp for firearms is one of the goals. If some people choose to serialize, so be it. I might want to make fun of them for doing that, but I'll try to abstain, since some people have a hell of a lot more to loose then others

  18. IIRC printed single stack mags are notoriously hard to make functional as they're too thin of a profile vs double stack mags. The feed lips simply don't hold up

  19. These are double stack single feed mags (like a glock), but the mags are very thin, Even if I could make it work, round capacity for a flush fit would be reduced to 10ish rounds of 9mm if I had to guess

  20. Yeah, even if you could get that model to print successfully, it'd probably break in the grip area on the first round. I've got a 3d printable 1911 frame in beta that actually works... so it's possible, but not with an oem model in plastic lol

  21. I've got one like half done, but I need to rework the magwell

  22. That's just a low poly copy of one of my files, it's not sized for the taurus 40 cal magwell and is not a 40 cal version of the frame...

  23. Nope. Amigo Grande is uses CETME model C parts. 5.56 is CETME model L. Not compatible.

  24. Where do you get the parts kits for $50? Also, do all of those slides for on the same frame?

  25. Generally yes, most of those slides will interchange with each other

  26. Nice, thank you. I really hope you're working on a new Taurus frame. I've been printing wooly bully remixes for my G2C slides. Kinda like a G3X with a magwell added on. But, they are mashups done in tinkercad so I haven't posted yet.

  27. I'm working on some of those mashups myself, not to worry ;)

  28. That's a 26L at best (with a muzzle break). 26XL is a 17 slide on a 26 grip. If you really wanna go big, a 26XXL is either a 34 or 17L slide with a 26 magwell ;)

  29. It’s only .5 of an inch shorter than a g34 slide so it’s still quite a large frame in those regards

  30. Generally you wanna clamp it down if you're testing it and trying to avoid injury ... but I'm sure you know everything you need to know ;)

  31. Other then the cringe video, what makes the ark 2 functionally any different from the Biden's Bane or Hoffman's Orca? Cool to see another printed upper, but where does it innovate?

  32. Is Hoffmans Orca out yet? Last video I saw, he was accuracy and heat testing it and I got the feeling he was going back to the farm so to speak to hammer it out a bit more.

  33. Imma stick em in my glock gigapack (dropping as soon as I finish rendering all the models)

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