Staff At Nursing Home Invents Games to Keep Residents Engaged

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  1. At the wrong time of day, Houston is two hours' driving from Houston.

  2. I lived in the Houston suburbs. The zoning(or lack thereof) roads, and traffic are so shitty it literally DID take 2 or more hours to get to downtown

  3. Houston literally has the largest/widest freeway in the world

  4. Nope, love it as well. Feels like a chase sequence

  5. The beard looks like it only comes from his neck and is too straight, other than that it looks rad. Nice job everywhere else.

  6. Thanks homie. Yeah, I can see it a bit. Thankfully should be a 69-second fix. It was my first time fully rigging a character, and it made me want to pull my hair out because mixamo auto rig kept bugging lmao.

  7. Made some pipe assets to mainly test out the Asset Browser and wanted to use them in a scene! Been a huge fan of Max Hay lately and his tutorials have been helping me a ton. Within Blender, and with actually wanting to create things.

  8. I'm on my 2nd day, about halfway through and some of my roadblocks have actually caused me to get a deeper understanding of the tools provided. So while it's a little frustrating it's at least worth the struggle.

  9. Godspeed homie🙏🏽. Just finished my first character model after about 2 months. The improvement is noticeable

  10. Depressing as fuck. I've realized that all new houses now a days are like "cookie cutter" templates. Hardly any custom built homes on decent sized lots anymore, just packed in like sardines.

  11. Yep. In my neighborhood, each house looks different on the exterior, but in the entire thing, there’s only 3 different interiors

  12. My mom makes these for nursing homes! She’s an occupational therapist, and would test them on me and my brothers when she went back to coplege 😂

  13. When people started turning the Backrooms into a borderline RPG game shit got so stale so quick. This is the true horror, the absolute nothingness.

  14. Fr. Watched a video essay going into a lot of the lore and started reading about the “Forest queen” and her minions and you have to fight her or some dumb shit

  15. Internet mfs when they realize that the aforementioned net is nearly entirely comprised of people with varying opinions and experiences, namely in the topic of anime, and that one is guaranteed to see multiple viewpoints, despite what a

  16. What I was hoping BoneLab was gonna be. In fact the games story could be 10x better if jimmys cutscenes were changed, and we actually had a decent explanation lol

  17. Right? I'm gonna need a full body picture. I'm morbidly curious about what this does to a person.

  18. Everything surrounding this post is morbid alright

  19. Techno feudalism is almost certainly where we're headed

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