1. It was filmed in the summer of 2021, so 1 year ago. The reunion was filmed in March of this year. So what they were saying on leases makes sense.

  2. Yep- I think ?? they couldn’t afford to get out of their individual current leases when they got married (you have to pay out some if not all of the rest of your lease to cancel it) & so when it came time to renew (they had leases w different ending dates) they made sure that they lined up their new leases with the same end date so they could afford to get a place together

  3. It’s wild to see the justification you have included for all of these insults tbh & also just because something wouldn’t offend you personally doesn’t mean it can’t be offensive to someone else. Zanab seems to have deep insecurities, which she expressed to Cole in the bed scene as he explained how he was more physically attracted to someone else. He did not change his behavior after this and continued to be “brutally honest” with her when in reality the things he would say were just rude.

  4. I thought the Kardashian comment came when he first met her after the proposal but I could be remembering incorrectly?

  5. Lol reading all this back & tbh kind of self-cringe how invested I got in this show lol when in reality we are only seeing a very weird sliver of who these people may be. So I definitely recognize this & that we are all coming in with our own biases. I will say that it is upsetting to see so many ppl sympathize with Cole after he starts crying in the last two eps after treating Zanab so poorly throughout the rest of the season. Like of course he’s upset when the consequences of his treatment of Zanab come around (she doesn’t marry him & explains how he made her feel) & he realizes that millions of people are going to see how he behaved.

  6. Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m so glad some other people share this opinion. It’s like once Cole started crying in the last two episodes everyone forgot how crappy he treated Zanab throughout the entire season. In my opinion- Cole is really good at negging and gave Zanab justttt enough good days/moments to keep her wanting more and stay in the relationship. But the man did not see her worth or treat her well at all bc he didn’t find her as attractive as Colleen! Which is wild bc she is gorgeous imo.

  7. Currently having the same thing happen since adding the LRP Effaclar clarifying solution to my routine- I was thinking it could be purging due to the AHA/BHA active ingredients?? Going to try to stick it out for another week. I’d check out this sub’s linked articles about purging to see if it applies to you.

  8. There’s no proof she’s not paying attention to him and it is quite possible she is just starting to think of ideas or has a few and wants to know what other people think. Wanting input doesn’t mean she doesn’t pay attention

  9. Appreciate you haha it’s a fairly new relationship and I’m of course gathering clues and actually have a running notes app list of things he has said he liked. Definitely just looking for general ideas/categories to think about, so your love letter and hobby related answer was super helpful!

  10. Dang you are a miserable human! Just looking for general suggestions, since you had nothing to add you could’ve simply moved along.

  11. NTA- her personality may be enjoyable to the seniors, but this has become a health issue and is actually putting them at risk by being so unhygienic. This is clearly not the career for her, she needs to find something else as she is not satisfying every requirement of this specific job.

  12. NTA- You said it yourself “she is telling a child to be bigger than a grown man over twice her age.” You at 16 have the right to ask something as simple as not having your name signed on a card for him. You’re not being overtly rude or disrespectful, and you do not owe him a signed holiday card. If anything- your mother or grandmother can have a sit down convo with HIM about your concerns, what he’s done to harm your relationship, and how he can be better as an adult and an example to you (not starting physical fights would be a good step). Again, you don’t owe him signed cards imo and if they want the relationship fixed they need to focus their efforts on how HE can be a better person.

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