1. Yup! I’m having microcenter check it out lol. I think I’m going to have to replace the motherboard- a tech rep from asrock emailed me and said it was most likely faulty. So back to the drawing board - thanks for helping out!

  2. No problem. For a quick idea on replacement I just ordered an MSI B760i, but no real reviews on it yet. I ordered it cuz I want to upgrade my CPU to 13th gen and that ASRock has terrible VRMs and power delivery for anything over 12600.

  3. Yup I have it in a NR200 sff- I probably should just get a better motherboard - are there any good recommendations for a 13600kf that have been out and have reviews

  4. realistically not very mini PCs right now are going to be able to run this emulator in 4k with smooth framerates. You can look into what's called an ITX build which is a full powered PC but scaled down and something along those lines might be a more realistic way to achieve your goal. I haven't looked in a while but i know they're constantly making advances in mini PCs and i think it's a market that's only going to get stronger as prices for GPUs and insane power draw of some of the new PSUs just keep getting more and more ridiculous. That being said, the NUC series of mini PCs is pretty powerful and i want to say AMD recently released a competitor in this market. there are a couple youtubers that specialize in reviewing and making builds with smaller parts and mini PCs, ETA Prime is one I'd suggest taking a look at.

  5. Thanks!! I’ve ended up building a PC in a small form factor case. With a 13600 cpu and a 3060ti. I hope that’s got the power to achieve what I want - have had some issues, it’s my PC build in a long time, so no testing yet

  6. I am looking to create an emulation machine that can emulate everything up to PS3 upscaled to 4K - are there any miniPCs that can accomplish this (hoping to have it set up under my TV like a console)? If not, are there any pre-built PCs that I should be looking for - have not built my own PC in years - obviously budget is important but if my only options are not budget friendly, I am willing to consider

  7. Device manager, update the wifi card and use microsoft driver

  8. Thanks! I don’t even see wifi or Bluetooth in device manager - so I think I’m a step behind even that. I’ll check a little closer today

  9. Retroarch settings > in Core options > Mupen > video - I’ll double check when I get on my Deck

  10. Built PC with your recommendations - thanks!! Ony issue i am having is the MB is not recognizing bluetooth or wifi - i installed drivers for both, but nothing shows up in BIOS, Devices, etc.

  11. They run hot by design. They have largely unlocked power limited so will consume as much as you can cool. And this setup has better cooling 90% of pc builds.

  12. I think there is some interest with the dev(s) for a Linux version at some point, but as others have said, they don't have the resources currently.

  13. Good to know there’s a dedicated spot to watch! I thought I was one of a handful of Napoli fans here

  14. It about the air flux, and if there is little foot so you don't scratch the case

  15. I dumped Zelda OOT along with my save file using a Retrode 2 (Save file works on actual n64). I cannot get the save to work any emulator I try - I make sure its renamed to match the Rom

  16. Wow, did you both actually keep all those game boxes from when you were kids?

  17. Only a few game boy (and sega/wii/Dreamcast etc). The nes/snes/n64 are reproduction

  18. I’ll be honest I’d don’t think it really needs much work i think it looks great, maybe a lil empty space on the console side perhaps get some risers to lift the consoles to the middle-ish part of the case and then you can display stuff underneath it like a controller or some favorite games or something

  19. Oh that’s really nice and the drawing helped lol so thanks

  20. Still not working during split screen. The game chat doesn’t work, and if it does it’s extremely slow and laggy. Impossible to communicate. We also both cannot use our mics to chat, we can only hear the chat (if it works). It shows that our mics are muted or doesn’t show the mic at all.

  21. Hopefully it gets fixed - thanks for the reply. At least it’s a bug and not something I need to spend hours trying to troubleshoot.

  22. Nice work! I’m 6 away myself. 100% like 25 years ago when I was in 5th grade. Trying to do it again now.

  23. Its probably hard to do because physical price is decided by the store, there is no consistency. But here in Brazil we have some pages that track prices from online retailers (which are usually cheaper than local retailers anyway), so maybe you can look into one of those.

  24. Looking to pick up the disc versions of my digital PS4 collection over time - ideally looking for them sold new. Is there a lack of physical media price tracking online because it's difficult to do? Am I better off just regularly checking local retailers to see what's in the discount bin from time to time?

  25. Personally what I did was set the right trackpad as mouse input for the pointer. I set the right joystick as the tilt, and left joystick as the nunchuck joystick.Finally I was having trouble with swing but figured out I could set the left trackpad as a directional pad with keyboard keys, I then changed the input to the swing to virtual core pointer to match those key inputs and it seemed to work. That gave me the up, down, left and right swing and for the forward and backward swings I did the exact same thing except with the back buttons. Seemed to be working well though I havent really tried it much and there’s probably a better layout.

  26. Thanks! I’ll keep this post in mind for when I get back around to beating Mario galaxy - I ended up just disabling camera controls and replacing w tilt

  27. Curious how this worked out for you as I am also thinking of doing of doing of doing the same

  28. I haven’t installed FFXIV since I’ve got the studio (would like to eventually) But I did install WOW. On max settings at 4K that game runs at a smooth 60fps besides a few zones where it dips

  29. The setting you'll likely want is to increase your internal emulation resolution to match your screens.

  30. Thanks - any way to have resolution properly change so that I don’t have to change settings around whenever I’m connected to hdmi versus using handheld?

  31. As a 15 year old collector, I’d let him play with them, after all. That is what they are meant for. They are just better versions of the toys Mattel already make. The only figures id not let a kid play with are Nanmu, W Dragon etc, possibly not even PNSO, although PNSO are made to be toys, they’re teeth and things can be very sharp.

  32. Thanks for your advice. I ended up opening them. Made him very happy :-)

  33. They’re more durable than they look

  34. I know this is an old thread - hoping to get some help here - are these worth opening up for my son to play with - the packaging and website descriptions make me feel like this should be put on a shelf

  35. Whoa - where can I learn more. manually updating game art is very time consuming

  36. It's on the decky "store" near the bottom, if you installed powertools through emudeck you should already have decky, just go to the menu before your power tools settings then there should be an icon on the top right where you can browse the plugin "shop".

  37. I’ve been using it now for about a half hour. It’s amazing!! Thanks so much

  38. Thank you!!! So I’ll have to re-add any custom artwork that Steam rom manager couldn’t find or got wrong?

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