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  1. If a one-time $600 cheque was more of a benefit to your employees than working there, you’re a failure of a business…

  2. It makes no sense to raise retirement ages in a world where the population is growing rapidly and work can be done far more efficiently and quickly every year.

  3. Remember everyone; the only rule in the world is “Don’t fuck with the money!”

  4. One Witch might need a wheelchair and sit between the two chairs.

  5. But each witch at the table also has a plate across from them, and there’s only 7 plates.

  6. They tell you everything is fine only when everything is not fine.

  7. If these opinions are baseless lies, then why are they so threatening? How can some random lies on the internet be enough to bring down a trillion dollar system?

  8. So you stomped on many people and exploited their labour and hard work for years to amass unfathomable riches for yourself, and you hate how people are calling you out for it?

  9. The US is heading rapidly into developed-world territory with their horrible fiscal policies, mass shootings, getting rid of parental leave and abortion rights, and bringing back child labour laws.

  10. My dad has a theory that within 10-30 years, all cars are going to be self-driving and very few people will actually own a car.

  11. When you're young, you can't wait to be a grown up.

  12. I think this is far more effective than just protesting in the streets.

  13. Allow programs where you study the language in the actual country the language is from.

  14. As someone who's been on both sides of this dilemma, I can say that there is a clear distinction;

  15. Your family situation is not normal. It is dysfunctional and ruining you and your sister's mental health.

  16. Another "expert" that can't even beat a coin flip

  17. He's rather "highly-regarded" or a complete sell-out to the SHF's who still have far too much skin in the game...

  18. $27.7B / $7.12B = 389% over the registered float.

  19. Hang on. Whether or not the 75.97M got rounded up to 76M or not, this math is interesting;

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