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People who are pro-gun, why?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I can almost understand trying to liven it up but yeah adding music to videos has gone way overboard.

  2. Used to be. I bought 2 back in 2016-2017 for 2.5k each

  3. Thanks for helping fuck up used car prices.

  4. Where’s the proof then? The sentence all religious people hate

  5. No, they love it because they have alllll the answers in this ONE book!!

  6. My high ass thought those were carrots in with the weed in the left cooler

  7. I also found it strange op was drying out some carrots. Made me think of all the folks who keep a carrot stick in their bag to add moisture.

  8. I'm still not convinced it's not

  9. I like how it looks like Barbie is surfing right into the tube.

  10. Don't be jealous Barbie cuts back harder than you

  11. I suppose it makes sense now that he owns a farm and tries to sell food himself.

  12. Farmers already get plenty of free tax money and yet the whole group voted against anything leaning towards actually helping the American people.

  13. Yes and I think he tried to get the bottom ones and dropped his wrench lol.

  14. Did he at least yell four when he was reaming out the hole with his drill?? Hope nobody's leaning against the wall over there!!

  15. They can do it because the Bible tells them so.

  16. Nice, someone posted one yesterday too. Didn't know the Sierra was sold in the us before

  17. I see a Saab 900 yesterday, they look very similar from the back.

  18. I remember sitting in one as a kid and dreaming what it would be like to be an adult owning one.

  19. The old man inside seemed to be having a great time!

  20. I looked, halfway through, I expected to find unicorns looking for Candy Mountain....

  21. Charlie, we have to get to candy mountain!!

  22. Yup. I was rewatching some of my favourite comedies from the early 2000s and even they have jokes I find uncomfortable.

  23. Go back and watch the first American pie. Broadcasting an underage girl on the internet and sooooo many more things that used to be considered "zany"

  24. Place it in a trash bag in a can and fill it up with purple power and walk away for two days. Come back, rinse, done.

  25. This is why I want rocket launchers on my car.

  26. I was born to be a helicopter pilot but one stupid eye...

  27. As a civilian yes but not military. I wanted to buzz around at ground level in an OH-58 like my dad did.

  28. I'm sure he has the dial memorized or written down. Should be able to just put it right back at the appropriate notch

  29. We called this battle sight zero in the military. You should have it memorized so you can pick up any similar weapon and with a few turns it's yours.

  30. You think that's good? Check out the tree sling loading...

  31. Spot light, point a spotlight directly at it. Sure the laser will kill the camera but a spotlight on his window will be much worse for him.

  32. So you have to stare in regret for fifty years

  33. Idk why, but the shorts make it way funnier. It’s entirely obscene, but the idea of him putting on shorts, then deciding he needs 4 guns is hilarious to me

  34. That is why Islam is a joke if they don’t respect their own religion rules then it is worthless

  35. So it's the same as all religion

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