Reported rape of TV reporter creates 'major scandal' in Russia; more Russian stuff going KABOOM

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  1. I think for a well balance male, it is basically the 'desert island' scenario. I am happily married and I have no intention of fooling around. But, yes, I do look at other women and think sexual thoughts. Thoughts I am not going to act on. I think in part it is sort of a Sliding Doors thing, that maybe in some future when all the things line up you might be with someone.

  2. There are in fact regulations on all of those items. For example, ceiling fan models to be installed in the United States must meet a certain energy efficiency standard. Fans that don't meet those standards are effectively banned. There are also a variety of building codes that require them to be properly secured and structurally stable.

  3. So that was 400 times Trump had to avoid disclosing a crime. 400 different crimes?

  4. The follow-up question is: why don’t “we” see that yet? Is that global, as in are the oceans a perfect ball shape? (My guess is not) What places have already faced consequences?

  5. Ask the folks in Newport News VA about their flooding ocean from streets.

  6. VS Naipul called madrassas, "the poor teaching the poor to be poor." Same concept.

  7. This is just our daily reminder IOC should have been dumped decades ago. Just like FIFA.

  8. Perfect year to set up alternate games. Same week, kill their revenue. Hold them in Marseilles.

  9. I do believe that the International Payoff Committee is interested in bribes.

  10. Now is the perfect time to create an alternative to the Olympics. Invite all the non-Russia aligned countries and see if anyone bothers to go to the Olympics. And yes, run it the exact same weeks. And if Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Burma want to hang with the Russians at the Olympics, who cares?

  11. The absolute best line; “active high-capital trader by night and a busy CEO by day”

  12. Trump could have just shut the fuck up, but no he was talking to a major league journalist. What could possibly go wrong?

  13. Plus, the track record of sexual abuse at these religious church camps is frightening.

  14. The Kadyrovites are not part of the official Russian Army. So report away. Lead every broadcast with this shit's picture with the caption 'Rapist'.

  15. Russia's so powerful, they are able to destroy equipment that isn't even there.

  16. No, but it does matter that conservative media is willing to tell, in a lie that they know is a lie, conservative voters that Trump won the election.

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