1. Aeroplan estore 10X with AP credit card: Anyone knows if using my estore account with 35K status (to get additional 2X) and pay with P2 AP credit card would qualify for 10X? Thanks

  2. Disneyworld - anyone have a DP to verify that the restaurants there code as food for Amex (5x)

  3. Yes. Get an aeroplan Visa infinite privilege or Amex reserve card and spend 15K on it.

  4. Aeroplan mystery bonus. I got 115% over 100k miles purchase, so 225k for 3500$.

  5. With the upcoming Aeroplan 10x Black Friday deal.

  6. Yes, definitely do that. Don’t stop until you get 50k aeroplan points. We’ll take side bets on how long before your account gets locked.

  7. On this point. Is it possible to open another Aeroplan account number somehow ? With the recent Aeroplan cracking down thing is like to diversify the risk.

  8. Does the refundable hotel trick work with the Amex hotel Promos like “Spend 350 get 70 back at Fairmont”

  9. Your 70$ credit will get clawed back if you refund your hotel stay.

  10. Do Air Canada eGift card purchases get 2x AP points when paying with my TD infinite priv card?

  11. You could theoretically book a standard fare, wait 24 hours so you can’t cancel for free anymore, then refund the flight to a voucher

  12. You can use PNR viewer to check your SQD accruments. If you use your voucher, SQD might not credit properly (this is a known issue), so take a screenshot of the SQD you should’ve gotten, and if it doesn’t match up submit a missing credit request.

  13. Yep, looking through it, but I don’t think it’s super up to date (few weeks old) with the new CIBC offers etc. I figured I’d ask if there are newer offers that I’m not aware of

  14. RE $125 Stay Vancouver deal. Can government employee discount rates be able to be used at time of checkout? Thanks in advance!

  15. Most likely not, as bookings has to be done via the offer site.

  16. I just reached 25k status for the first time. I've read things on POT but not sure about this,

  17. Status is good for the next year from when you earn it, after which you go back to no status unless you qualify again in that year.

  18. "Basic Cardmembers who also hold Aeroplan Elite Status will be able to roll over up to a maximum of 200,000 Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) from the prior qualification year to the next qualification year. This benefit applies when the member qualified for Aeroplan Elite Status by earning the required SQM or Status Qualifying Segments (SQS), as well as the required Status Qualifying Dollars (SQD), in the prior qualification year. If the member has been granted complimentary status, as determined by Air Canada, that is higher than the status they would have earned via their Status Qualifying balances, the rollover amount will be based on the status they would have earned otherwise (if any), and not the granted status."

  19. Would be nice if it worked like that, but in my experience anything less than what you would require to hit your current status will not be rolled over. Aeroplan doesn’t differentiate between earned status and promotional status in this case.

  20. Can anyone spare an air canada wifi code? I have a flight tomorrow and was hoping to get some work done on the flight.

  21. Pay for your own wifi, monthly passes are hella cheap, and whole-flight passes are under 20$. Reimburse it as a business cost.

  22. Desperate to get AP Elite status but despite a heavy expense exception year, still 8k points away from 25k status. Curious, how common is it to get to the 25k and even 100k status?? Seems hard unless you’re balling. But the e-upgrades seem to really be the key for getting premium cabins nowadays…

  23. Fly cash fares and you’ll get 25K very easily. Most of the benefits kick in at 50K.

  24. Time to lock the sub and make new members submit an application.

  25. P2's 25k status will expire at the end of this year. If they open an amex AP reserve, will the unused e-ups rollover to next year even though they will no longer have status?

  26. Aeroplan question, if I fly using points, do I still get SQM & SQD from what the dollar value of the flight would of been? Or do I have to pay in cash to get them?

  27. Looking to do a status run for AC. I mainly need SQMs roughly 15,000. Any recommendation on where to find super cheap flights? Kind of a cow tool for kid fares. Departing from YYC if that makes a difference.

  28. Spend 75K on a premium Aeroplan card and qualify instantly 😆

  29. How much would you value IHG Diamond? If the promotion is to stay 10 nights to preserve it, may be worth doing 'pillow runs' to try to keep it through 2023.

  30. Please DM and let me know if you find a cheap property, I’m interested in doing a pillow run/mattress run as well.

  31. Looking to get my +1 a supplementary card on my Amex Personal Plat. Since its already been 6 months since card opening, would the fee for a 2nd card be prorated?

  32. No SUB on Flying Blue WE MC is making me sad.

  33. Sorry, my Time Machine is out of commission until at least 22 December 2022, when the current intro offer expires.

  34. Do Estore multipliers count for status qualification beyond the 25K?

  35. ouu this could be v spicy if it works. Wouldn’t they just offer to refund $101 in store credit?

  36. Extremely YMMV, stores usually refund to previous method of payment even if you have two forms. The POS at my local store automatically rejects refunds with a GC component without the GC being refunded.

  37. But why go through the hassle if you had your passport the whole time?

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