1. I need some clarification. Is ymwv your mileage will vary?

  2. Wait til they hear about Group Y, which handles reverse engineering. I can’t say who is in it but heads will roll now that it’s out!

  3. Next is Group S to form the KYS Triad. What is Group S in charge of? War, famine, and fear! Lol.

  4. Hey don't steal the name for my League of Legends party. We take great pride in our name!

  5. Naaa they are all kinda of fucked. I've met a former north Korean dude said it's a full on cult and thought of us like the devil himself. The first time he saw a gas station he thought it had to be fake to have so much food in it . Then later the same day was taken to a grocery store and thought he was being played.

  6. That’s so fucked. And that’s not even the worst shit that’s happening on this planet…

  7. After this and the pebble one, the only thing left is proton/electron. First ten books are about gaining enough mass to become a uranium atom, then boom mass level in book 11.

  8. they have fully backed out of and left using crypto, and exited properly by buying out anyone holding their tokens

  9. I'd be down. I have close to 16 handguns and rifles to bring along with us.

  10. At this point I wouldn't even consider it to be an invasion. It would be a rescue mission.

  11. A frame around 0:58 in the PV if anyone was wondering. It’s super quick but do your best!

  12. Is this some sort of anime limitbreaker for the ai? Lol

  13. All of the thought and effort that would go into this, just to be shown avatar.

  14. They would probably have an anxiety attack and die or some shit

  15. As Americans we are fully aware of this and the whole balloon situation was and is a complete clusterfuck of decision making and media coverage across the board. Nothing new there.

  16. Yes, put it behind you. Move on. Forget about it. Pay no mind to it. Digress from it and don’t bother with it. It’s not important. Wait for the drip-feed of paid pundits and news agencies. They appreciate your leniency and passivity! I mean what are we to do anyway? Riot? Boycott? Protest?

  17. Ater so many pvs with only one character, seeing all of them at once and much, much more feels wrong.

  18. The white(ish) spiky(ish) sassy(ish) boy trinity: bakugo, killua, & accelerator. 😹

  19. Fuck it. I'll jump in. Only since I think a part of me is still connected to it.

  20. The yellow one was like “boi stop playin around” LOL

  21. War in 2023 🥱These “””world leaders””” are so fucking lame. What are they setting an example of? The four horsemen? Grow up

  22. Spirit is honestly anything you want it to be. Go ham!

  23. The Good Ending (you survived! thanks for playing!)

  24. Privileged consumer mindset. Shit’s difficult for everyone man.

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