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  1. Lmao fuck off dude, just because you could make time to play the game doesn't mean everyone else could. Why even comment on this post if you're just going to be an ass?

  2. No still havent found one. Let me know if you find one though.

  3. Hey! I am having the exact same issue right now! Any chance you have found a solution yet?

  4. I've kept Bruz alive this whole time. He isn't too deranged. Just gently insane. I miss his unbroken mind though

  5. Last night I hunted him down after first shaming him, then shamed him again, then again, after a couple times I had him down to level 4 and wanted to shame him again until he was level 0 to see what would happen, but when trying to break him I accidentally 1-shot and killed him :(

  6. How long after did this develop after using tretinoin? Do not use a loofa.

  7. Right around when I started using it. But the redness goes down considerably long after my shower but is still present. How would I go about washing my back without a loofa, as I am unable to reach the midsection with my hands

  8. Could be a purge? Also, are you moisturising enough? Retinol will dry you out, and you need to balance that out

  9. I've been using baby lotion on my shoulders but I do need to go out and buy a proper moisturizer. However I am unable to reach the midsection of my back to moisturize, any suggestions?

  10. He only had one movie right? The other two have had multiple

  11. He had 2, I believe a third was planned but got canceled

  12. Looks great! Is there any chance you could add the flowers like in the reference photos?

  13. Looks great! The first image will not load for me though just the second one

  14. It's a shop that an old friend of mine opened up, he mostly sells overpriced hypebeast type stuff but brings in the occasional jersey.

  15. I'll always remember when I walked into my ex girlfriends apartment and her gay friend looked at me and said to her "Wow, good job [enter girlfriends name]." It was honestly a huge ego boost.

  16. It happens dude. You have to make a big fool out of yourself in a desperate attempt to win back your ex just to eventually realize they were never really worth the effort. I think only the most kind hearted souls have dealt with that so it can only mean good. Hopefully one day you look back at super liking and feel nothing - not even the sightless embarrassment.

  17. Yup, I matched my ex on tinder and we talked for a bit then I ended up pouring my heart out to her asking for a second chance, only for her to not respond and just unmatch me. It hurt, but made me realize that she is not worth my tears.

  18. I matched my ex on tinder about 2 months post breakup, I was absolutely ecstatic because it gave me some sort of hope of reconciliation. I messaged her and we talked for a little bit, and then she ended up saying that she only swiped on me because she wanted to see if I had swiped on her, which hurt I guess. Long story short, I ended up pouring my heart out to her over tinder and begging for her to give us a second chance, which resulted in her not even responding and just unmatching me which really fucking hurt.

  19. Be careful. Yes he could still love you and want to be with you again, but can you be sure that this time around he is really ready to be in a relationship and won't end up feeling suffocated again? He could just be trying to string you along to keep you in his life for the day that he is finally ready for a relationship, but who knows when that will be? And how can you know that he is really changed, what will be different from the first time around and how can you know that he will really be happy if you get into a new relationship with him? These are questions that, if I were you, I would try to get the answer to before trying to commit yourself to him again.

  20. Damn this just made me realize that this is exactly what I've been doing. I've wanted so badly for her to see how much I've improved, but looks like I still have a lot of changing and maturing to do. Thank you for this!

  21. It has been about 2 months since I was dumped, and it is hitting me really hard this week. I haven't talked to her in over a month. At times in the past couple weeks it feels like I was making progress, talking to close friends and family, working on myself, etc. But for whatever reason all the progress seems like it went away for me this week. I think it is because how long it has been since we have talked, and was really expecting her to break the silence with me soon. I am holding out hope and I really need to let go.

  22. I feel this exact way, last night was exactly one month since she broke up with me and two weeks of no contact. I had been doing a lot better this past week but for whatever reason, I just couldn't get her off my mind last night. I think it's for the same reason as you, because I guess I was expecting her to have tried to contact me by now. I need to let go of this hope too because I'm constantly checking my phone to see if she has texted me, even though I know she won't, and it's just causing me disappointment over and over again.

  23. You're right, I need to man the fuck up.

  24. Do any of these games have offline multi-player progression? I loved the Combat Training mode in COD Black Ops because unlike other CODs it actually had progression and still felt like I was playing multi-player even though it was only against bots.

  25. There is no winning with you huh? Is that better?

  26. Well I wasn't the original commenter, but no, it's not better because the first letters of the last names still need to be capitalized. We're not trying to burst your bubble, it was just really hard to read the post in its original condition.

  27. Did you? I mean, all of the names should have the first letters capitalized in the first and last name, and the fact that they aren't makes it really hard to read.

  28. Usually the wisdom teeth are removed because that is where the cuts are made for the osteotomy. However, not always. Doctors also usually wait 6-9 months after wisdom teeth removal to perform the surgery so that healing can occur. (Again, YMMV- my wisdom teeth were taken out 2.5 months prior to my surgery). The reason for 4 wisdom teeth as opposed to 2 wisdom teeth could simply be for bite alignment; your top teeth usually have bottom teeth to match, or bite on, so it usually makes it easier for the orthodontist to then align these teeth altogether. Wouldn't make much sense if your bottom teeth remained, and there is no match for them to bite on.

  29. Ah okay that does make sense! If having to remove all 4 wisdom teeth will help make the surgery go as smoothly as possible then I am all for it. Thank you for the explanation!

  30. If it makes you feel better, I also have a underbite/crossbite + class III and also need to get 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm not sure if I am doing DSJ or just UJS. My surgeon is doing the wisdom teeth extraction during the surgery. Originally he wanted me to do the extraction before but now he is telling me he wants to do it during the surgery.

  31. Ah good to hear you are going through the same thing! I was just slightly worried because I couldn't find anything about it online. He said he wanted it done 6 months prior so that they have had time to heal before the jaw surgery which I guess makes sense!

  32. Interesting, I wonder if this is them hinting at a library map coming in the future or if they just thought it would make a good piece of lore for the game.

  33. My friend mentioned the one about the missing people and the lighthouse is real. I don't remember exactly what other articles the board had on it, but I'd imagine they are all real.

  34. Hmm, I wonder about the legality of using photos of a deceased person in a video game. I would imagine that since the articles are all public record that it is perfectly legal but then again I know nothing about law.

  35. Why not already have these crosses done before being printed? Isn't it easier to copy-paste one checked box, then copy-paste the double, etc?

  36. Probably would look weird having half the boxes filled out with typed Xs while the others will be filled with written Xs

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