1. What you call guidelines are more commonly called requirements. "Use a library to do input sanitization" is a requirement, and hardly an expected output of threat modeling. Where threat modeling will surely start giving you better results is on business logic, and in "things done that are not quite standard". That's where you can ask "what could go wrong" without having a checklist to rely on.

  2. Akshually, it is the other way around. Russian medium- and short-range rockets are precise, but also predictable. Hamas rockets, by virtue of their lack of quality control, are less predictable.

  3. You do realize they are losing money by giving millions to Ukraine with all this military stuff right? Or you think Ukraine is buying it?

  4. If us would sell afterwards, what's the point of losing money now with the war taking longer to end?

  5. Think drug dealers. First hit is free, but creates a long term dependency. Spare parts, maintenance, upgrades.

  6. Kinda like nazi Germany. Iirc there were no direct orders of Hitler starting the holocaust. At least there are no proper records of this. Just something between the lines "get rid of the problem".


  8. Bro why so mad? 💀 you dont even know anything about me...

  9. "So, I'm a whitebelt for a few months..."

  10. Why does the nationality of the other party matter?

  11. alot of people are unaware that poland was one of the best and most accepting places for jews in europe bc we arent taught that(mostly) and alot of ignorant people dont like poles bc they think theyre antisemites/na*is that assisted germany during the holocaust,but youre referring to a minorty of israelis,that tends to be loud.

  12. Best as "our pogroms are less frequent" ?

  13. No one hates poles from who i know. if anyone does its probably a minority.

  14. That's fine, i hear Poles are not so fond of minorities too...

  15. What did he expect, a Jewish jihad? We don't do that shit.


  17. Cute, you know how to Google! Good for you! Next lesson is to learn that only because it is on dar webz it does not mean it is true.

  18. All over. But i check my sources and actually read stuff rather than just look at the titles before "sharing the find".

  19. Ancient hobbyist here. Since I'm not trying to win any worlds, just trying to learn, have fun and be able to roll (and walk!) the day after, waiting on mistakes is my bread and butter. Put them in a nice half guard or knee shield, let them sweep themselves when they get frustrated. Offer an arm and follow the arm bar while pulling (that one is dangerous!) and sidestep their leg as you roll on top.

  20. As a bystander, and by my reading and studying the issue. I have the opinion that if the Palestinians truly wanted peace and freedom they could have had it by now. It appears they enjoy having the worlds attention on them than getting actual freedom and peace and maybe even statehood.

  21. Having a state implies they have to deal with governance, which would disrupt the kleptocracy. Can't have that.

  22. Yes, we freed Gaza and got a government in WB, but sadly you took control of the government and turns it into a puppet

  23. Yes, Gaza is a paradise now. Pathetic keyboard jihadi.

  24. Ask any Gazan if they would rather like under Israeli occupation or rule themselves. Ever single one of them will say they want to be free of Israel’s tyranny.

  25. Cool, then i guess they can stop begging for us to give them jobs, electricity, water and health services. After all, they liberated themselves, are ruling themselves and want nothing to do with us!

  26. And I'm clearly pointing that it is not always fair in a given situation to dismiss a fault as much as to claim a heroic act. It is great for the times it stopped innocent people from dying, it is bad when it is unfair.

  27. Texts can be misleading. I said if this was not your view then it is a misunderstanding. Simple.

  28. The takeaway for you here is that your outrage at medical forces not being allowed in the area of operations is double sided. If a medic had been shot, you'd be screaming Israel shoots medics on purpose. That's all.

  29. Phew, I was getting concerned all these blue belts saying they got it in a few months.

  30. Perhaps there are stages to enlightenment, who knows...certainly not me!

  31. The thing about enlightenment, it feels like a breakthrough at the time. Fast forward a few years and in hindsight, I realize how stupid I still was for thinking I knew something.

  32. Israel allowed an Islamic charity to compete with the PA in services. As soon as it turned violent, Israel started fighting it. It did not create an armed wing against the PLO.

  33. These articles have been rehashed to utter boredom. Every dilettante in the conflict brings them around at one point or another. 2015, 2018? We're in 2023 son. If there was some big conspiracy you'd have more than two almost decade old articles. Do better.

  34. Congrats. You've got his belt and knowledge but unfortunately you also gained his crippling depression and male pattern baldness.

  35. Oh please. MPB is a passing requirement for 8/10 male brown belts.

  36. Head on a swivel looking for manpad launches?

  37. "The sea was angry that day my friends. And so was the laundromat bum. But I was angrier, for I was a blue belt doing laundry."

  38. > Which you have not provided any evidence for whatsoever.

  39. FTA: ""[The medic]... was wearing a clear first aid vest when the shooting happened," 

  40. Your comment confuses me: It clearly acknowledges that the soldiers fired at a location in which an identified medic was administering aid to a wounded person, yet you appear to be framing it as some kind of defense of the soldiers—who, again, were firing at a wounded person being tended by a clearly-identified medic.

  41. Did the medic get hit? No. Did the unidentified person moving close to a militant, most probably close to their dropped rifle, get hit? Yes. This is what happens in urban combat.

  42. Must have been a pain, we lost our child a month ago :/

  43. No it does not, there’s contingency, space and time to take into account. You can say it’s a denied right, just as Palestinians claim that their right to return inside their homes is denied.

  44. The Palestinians are not denying it. The Israeli government is in order to appease "the status quo", which is the source of the whole issue. You just closed a big circle.

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