1. And hot dog parties… cause you know, they like to eat.

  2. I read once that dogs stare at you while pooping because they are vulnerable and prone to attack. So to return the favor, they do the same such as this clip. If that's so, that's a good boy! He didn't abandon his Master when he was most vulnerable!

  3. We had a dog who did NOT want us to see her poop. As a puppy she would trott on a curb above the yard grass, go around the corner of the garage to the very back where we could not see her, or she us.

  4. Go ahead, prove it. I wanna see you try to shove your hand up it's whoo-hoo.

  5. --'n yer head falls backwards (while sitting straight up) and you let out a sleep-snort and wake yourself up.

  6. Cat sez: You need to knock that shit off, or something baaaad is gonna happen.

  7. My husband is Czech, so I asked him to reach out to family members (giant family) to see if anyone made their kolaches this way. They don't (Texas Czech), but we got a recipe from a family friend who said they got it online in the early 2000s, and that they liked it.

  8. I remember my Grandma coming out from Michigan and making a cookie that required melted ice cream--I will be trying this, thank you--I had been looking for something like this.

  9. She makes me embarrassed to be a member of the same species. . .

  10. I'ma gonna try a bread pudding using this technique. Throw some chopped dates and walnuts in there, drizzle a bit of butter on top. Should be GOOD! Banana bread Pudding!

  11. First thing I thought of: someone is eating nearly 1 lb of ground beef a day? With Cheese? And over a half dozen eggs a day? My gut is crying just to think of it. Holy Mackerel (and don't eat it, please).

  12. I had a horse attempt that with me. Was cleaning his near front hoof and I turned and saw a big mouth of teeth coming for me. Happily, for me at least, I had been warned that he might try to sneak a bite at me. I swatted him on the side of his head, and he didn't try it again as long as I was working with him. He was the type of horse who would try things like this to see if you would set boundaries. I did set, and we came to a mutual detente after that.

  13. Yearrr, his teeth in my shoulder and part of my shoulder in his teeth!

  14. And all the sheep checking the pup out, like howdy little guy, doin' good.

  15. LOL -- actually CaCKLING like hell. the freakin' music as PERFECT.

  16. Don't know about anyone else, but the damn theme from "Midsommer Murders" really kills me at times. Though it does help to clear my head when trying to go to sleep; I think it is the 3/4 time waltz rhythm that helps . . .

  17. This triggered it: I now have a full-blow version of this song going through my head.

  18. yet it takes nothing from the talent of this actor. I discovered him in primal fear before American History X. He's talented, he really is

  19. Probably takes fewer poop breaks than average W2 worker.

  20. But when it does, it's on company time. . . (says the clerk sweeping up rabbit turds)

  21. Oooh, ooh! Can we try this with Congress and the Senate--and the Supreme Court? And make every minute available streaming in real-time! I'd pay money for to watch this!

  22. If yer gonna have a lizard in the house, might as well be a BIG one.

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