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  1. I heard a very loud champagne bottle pop whilst closing my eyes and lying down in a field. It startled me so i asked my friend if it surprised her too and she said she didn’t hear it. Was so weird I heard it so loudly

  2. those whisk looking things that massage ur head

  3. Tf?? Shrooms are not addictive and the fact they help with mental health is not a “gateway” into using them that often. The disrespect this guy has for this wonderful medicine. Spreading misinformation

  4. Damn, you are horrible. She’s lucky to have gotten away from you!!

  5. Just Let Go by Sturgill Simpson. First lines are “Woke up today and decided to kill my ego. It ain't ever done me no good no how”

  6. Country music has been my jam at the moment so I’ll definitely give those a listen!!

  7. my best friend always says “brought” instead of “bought” and it drives me mad cuz it’s so deeply ingrained in her vocab that i can’t correct her

  8. Not physically hurt but my mother started shouting at me when i was tripping once and it was horrible. Her face was the epitome of anger and i couldn’t think about anything else for the rest of the trip

  9. How to make vegetable samosas…😦

  10. Could you explain a bit more about this? How are they ultimately servants of Capitalism? I think this is an interesting thought and would like to know more about it!

  11. Good only balances out the bad if you're playing neutral alignment in Dungeons & Dragons, AFAIK. There's no good and evil in Buddhism -- for example, taking PCP, picking fights in bars, and running with scissors have consequences, sooner rather than later most likely, and, indeed, you may not like those consequences, but they're not evil.

  12. So will the “elite’s” I have mentioned suffer the consequences of suppressing and trying to control a mass amount of people? I hope so.

  13. There is a set of mystical teachings which resonate with me, that say that the balance is achieved by millions of souls who are not ascended beings, but still more mature, more advanced than most people on earth. These beings came from other planets which are much more spiritually evolved than earth. They volunteered to come to earth to hold the balance and to experience themselves on a very dark, very dense planet as a growing and development experience.

  14. That is very interesting to think about. I believe that could be the case. Maybe this earth exists to challenge our souls and spirituality as higher beings.

  15. Kidney Infection. Admittedly not as serious as other things being commented but man, it hurt so much.

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