1. I like Yamaha piano, the P series as various options. Weighted keys is important, and very important is an approximate sound of sustain.

  2. bruh this is the 2nd most controversial post ever

  3. Woah wait Tech is beatin Verdant Landscape?

  4. i kinda love and hate future funk at the same time because while it is good, i kinda get bored playing it cuz i die mostly to the first half, and everytime i die it feels like bullcrap

  5. I didn’t even know this existed lol. Tbh could be executed a bit better but I like it!

  6. to be fair this is the uldm, the full detail version is a lot prettier and the backrounds were even changed lol

  7. why does edge of destiny look brighter on the bottom panel

  8. I'll try the 2nd one thank you also how do i disable steam cloud and can i reenable it

  9. If this is the first time you're trying to write to that folder (as in, you haven't had Mega Hack installed before) this is an error Windows sometimes throws where it thinks it's overwriting a file it only just started writing.

  10. sorry i dont know that much about this kinda stuff but i think it might be because my game isnt in C:\Games folder? how do i make that

  11. I'm not saying that has to be the reason, but it's generally good advice to do in the future. Just open C: drive, right-click in empty space, make a new folder, and name it Games.

  12. how do i like, move my games on there and megahack too? or something

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