1. Trying to get people to stop arguing over this game and lack of updates is like trying to get the Pavlov community to stop being such assholes, Doesn’t work unfortunately.

  2. this was my little mini rant at 2 am so excuse if i sound like an idiot

  3. If u guys were on the discord you would know there is a lot of communication there and he is getting a lot done.

  4. well we cant get the discord link, ive tried getting new inv links but they disabled invites on the server

  5. im sure this will be taken down dude, you cant self advertise here

  6. True, but it is still sport mode related and the moderation isn’t too strenuous here anyway from what I’ve seen. Besides, I mean no ill will with this, so maybe they’ll let it slide anyway.

  7. hey hey hey, not trying to offend anyone ive said this before please do not harass me over this i respect your opinion so you should respect mine.

  8. Yes, but so will bonelab,. You’re wayyyy overestimating the game before it even releases, and all the while being a bitch to a game you were loyal to before

  9. well look, not trying to make anyone mad or anything. just my opinion but the sport mode community is tired of the lack of no updates, we originally had faith but its been absolute months and months without any updates or the office map being fixed. second theres not that much content in the game, sure you can use your creativity but it just feels dull (to me atleast), lack of new items or even props. just its not fun anymore,

  10. You’re not wrong, it has been for ever, but the dev is trying his best. He is one guy, I’m not saying it’s wrong to live on, I’m saying you shouldn’t just say the game is shut because a better one is coming out. But thx for actually being kind about saying it

  11. no problem buddy, but if a major update im saying new props, office map finally being fixed, new animations npcs and the remodel ill stick to both. its just a bit tedious being so loyal to a game you loved and then the game you loved just goes silent and limits things. it ruins the relationship with the game.

  12. in the steam app if you have ever played vr before there will be a shortcut called VR it is next to the wallet balance

  13. You've been infected with chrome, there is no cure you will slowly die of chrome. Enjoy your last minutes in MythOS

  14. Also after looking at it for a bit i think it might be the monkey plushy you can find in the main menu

  15. it is the monkey, the cat clock, dog and m o n k e are all cryptids from duck season that escaped the void i think

  16. try resetting your headset and make a new guardian, if it still does not work, make sure your tracking is at its best. try cleaning your camera lenses with a microfiber cloth

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