1. Maybe the first digit is not a seven. Maybe it’s 1583.

  2. If you watch his intro to SNL, his wife’s earring is swinging back and forth cause she kept turning her head so her face would be seen. They just wanted Phil’s face in the shot and had to keep trying cause she wouldn’t stop.

  3. And he probably heard you coughing. He knew you were coming around the corner.

  4. Super calm and collected. Well played!

  5. Very nice. Did you change out the grill or wrap it?

  6. Yup, after I noticed it I searched for the second without success.

  7. I did a similar wrap on mine, but mine is just the circumference. What wrap is this? Also, I doubled up on mine so it’s super thick. Feels great holding the wheel.

  8. I saw that post with the orange hood. This looks way better.

  9. Nice car, I think. Your cameraman needs some training.

  10. I think it said 10am pt. But I’m EST so idk what it is for me. All I know is imma wake up tmr to see if works.

  11. It begins 10 AM EST. I am MST so 8 AM for me.

  12. Underrated comment. Well played!

  13. Oooh, super clean. Tell us about the rear lights. Everything looks great!

  14. I know that spot. I was wondering why they took away the plane spawn from that location. I will try to land there.

  15. Sure have, I’ll post one of those too. I was already thinking about that.

  16. It’s posted. Just a little landing/exit/takeoff at Runway. I might start looking for more tight spots that I might be able to land at too.

  17. And I did, thank you! Nice share.

  18. I’ve tried a couple times since I’ve read this, that is going to be a hard one. I haven’t hit it yet.

  19. Everybody looks so happy. Except the fish, I guess. Nice share OP, very sorry for your loss.

  20. Oooh, very clean look. Good stuff.

  21. If you were able to zip past another plane and got the missile to hit that plane, that would be some movie type shit

  22. I’ve tried that a few times before, feels like it came close, but I never got the missile to switch targets. After a bit, they just go away.

  23. Imaging being in a gunfight in that warehouse a a FREAKING PLANE flies through followed closely by a missile.

  24. I was thinking about that too. That would’ve been a really cool angle to see.

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