1. i have a unique perspective because i read the manga and am playing the games now instead of watching the anime. they do a decent job of telling the story, but if you want to know the whole thing without spending a year watching the anime, check out your local library to see if they have the books!

  2. at the beginning the january i realized i’d need to play 28 matches a day to finish the battle pass. and as somebody who had played almost every day since launch, that seemed ridiculous. haven’t played since. won’t be buying the founder’s pack.

  3. spot-on comment. the lack of communication is weird mostly because it was not like this before the holidays. i don’t mind waiting two months for a new character, but it’s been two months without any word on what they’re working on or why their battle pass is so incredibly grindy.

  4. It's funny to see people upset about someone else doing voices in a game where we have a LeBron soundalike, a Rock soundalike, a Gizmo and Stripe soundalike, and Eric Bauza doing all the Looney Tune voices.

  5. that’s not lebron??? illusion shattered.

  6. when i first got my card and starting shopping around, it seemed to me like a lot of brands are inconsistent with their carts. either too fluid, too thick, leaky, etc.

  7. The Battle Pass was deceiving to trick players into paying for it and then getting trapped and feeling like they have to complete it, like the first 25 levels were rapid then it came to a grinding halt, they knew exactly what they were doing. People who were on the fence would go up like multiple levels in a session and think “oh I might as well get it” not realising that they’ve added quadruple the amount of the first battle pass for the final 15 levels. Disgusting practise and baffles me how they want to keep pushing people/fans away for the sake of conning people into buying their dogshit battle pass. PLAYERFIRSTGAMES is potentially the worst name they could’ve chosen for their dev team

  8. i’m hesitant to fully throw the team under the bus when honestly almost everything else from them has been great and super forthright… but you’re absolutely right on your points.

  9. ogre street is a skin i would grind for lol

  10. has it? like between bob and monet?

  11. naur, if you’re waking straight down the road the desire path is shorter.

  12. This season's battle pass is a fucking slog of a grind compared to previous seasons', and I fully agree with OP when they say that most players simply won't finish the past unless PFG does some kind of boost. Here's a detailed breakdown of the XP required to complete the pass for anyone who hasn't seen it yet

  13. thank you for breaking this down so clearly! i’m genuinely baffled how this game got this so wrong.

  14. They need to cut the xp you need for the last 10 levels in half I play almost every day and get all the dailies and weekly’s and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to complete it currently level 41.

  15. i feel like it’s ridiculous enough that they’ll have to offer some kind of solution in the next update. i saw a graphic of how much XP is needed for tiers 40-50 and it’s way too much. i’m also at 41 after playing almost every single day, in no world should we be worried about not finishing it.

  16. you have to stop focusing on this. you just have to, dude. shave your head and find a real source of confidence. having your hair will NOT make you happy. i promise you.

  17. burnt out af at lvl 43. i played this shit too often cus i was excited for the battle pass, now i dont even wanna look at my dailies.

  18. same boat here, but only at 41. i’ve played almost every single day, in no world should i be worried i’m not going to finish the pass.

  19. to each their own! i really liked learning about naboo culture, how padme became queen, and a little more about how the senate works. we see more of occupied naboo during the phantom menace, the prison camp where one of the handmaidens is tortured.

  20. It was "Death of a Salesman" on Broadway

  21. lol why does this have so many downvotes

  22. The 87K needed to complete S2 is way too much. I play since day one, I am going to make it. People that wanted to buy the pass after 3 weeks, couldn't get to the final tier already. That's really bad.

  23. i’m starting to get anxious that i won’t finish the battle pass, and i’m in tier 37. how high does the XP per level get by the end?

  24. When you're tier 40, you're halfway. There's an image posted on this sub with the exact amounts per tier. The final tier is about 4,700 BP XP, if I recall correctly.

  25. that’s…. insane. i’ve played almost every day for the challenges and i’m not even halfway done.

  26. this sounds like something both neurodivergent and neurotypical boys his age go through… puberty!

  27. This happened to me as well shorty after her season finished 🤯 I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one

  28. the only queen i’ve ever bought prints from off instagram was chi chi devayne. i miss her so much, but at least she’ll always be in my venmo history. 🥺

  29. Is this sarcasm? I love physical media, but don’t see the masses going back in time.

  30. the steaming landscape is always changing, but history shows that physical media bounces back. like how vinyl records sell like crazy even though you can stream the album.

  31. i just wanna run my fingers through your hair 💕

  32. Nope...no Occulus button (unless it's hidden...?). Only thing I figured out to do is long-press the power button and reset or shut down.

  33. do you have your home and oculus button switched in settings? in several games i wasn’t able to access menus until i turned it off.

  34. I was surprised by how clunky and boring the combat (+upgrades?) felt. Granted, I had just come off of Hades, and that game has some of the best combat + upgrades I've ever experienced.

  35. exact same boat. i think i was expecting a focused, story-driven, action-adventure game like uncharted or the last of us. was not prepared for it to be a massive “open” world with a lot of wandering around. the combat was fine, but i put it down a couple weeks ago (after spending years waiting to play it) and just haven’t wanted to keep going.

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