1. Uptodate is definitely lacking, at times. I think reading through nih articles is better, personally. I def use uptodate on the job though when I need a quick reference

  2. Can’t you read through the articles on uptodate? Also, from those articles, they contain a reference with a 100 more other sources that most likely say the same thing?

  3. Order of Ancients recruiting deer right now

  4. Imagine only using a barfing frog.

  5. Rural academic health centers ftw

  6. MD = DO lol DO =/= NP/PA > ND, DMSC, or other “doctors”

  7. I know it’s not uncommon to encounter this against DOs amongst program leadership during a match cycle.

  8. Those med students only had slightly higher GPA/MCAT among other arbitrary qualifications to have the privilege to go to US MD. As someone that was accepted to both US MD and DO, I do not regret my choice of being a DO. As a matter of fact, my DO school is known for emphasizing strict professionalism among many MD/DO schools and those snarky comments would have been purged day 1 at my school.

  9. Did you live in Erie for 4 years? Sounds like my DO school. We lived in fear of minor professional infractions such as having hospital scrubs at home.

  10. Im the senior on a consult service. Placed a stat lab order the other day. Called RN when lab wasn't collected 5 hours later. Was told patient was rude and uncooperative and that if we wanted the lab that we should draw it ourselves because they "just can't handle her anymore." Asked the RN if she typically asks the primary service to draw their own labs or administer their own meds, to which I was told no. Charge RN got on the phone and repeated request for us to drawn our own lab, to which I asked if she routinely refuses to care for patients on her floor if they become rude, to which she said "no but this is different. Shes too much." I then asked their names for the patient safety report I was filling out for delay of care and discriminatory nursing practice. They apologized and the lab was collected and sent to lab within 7 minutes.

  11. 5 hours!!! didn’t the patient’s family say anything?

  12. I can’t believe the nursing student asked if the patient survived without a brain.

  13. Anything you can talk passionately about for 10 mins. I work for a med school and someone listed that they led a guild in an MMO and could tell you stories. They got into a highly competitive field.

  14. Medical Student Gamer Association

  15. Welcome! Q1- yes, would imagine you’ll be totally fine, esp coming from a T15 school. Of course given the scores you predict and good letters etc.

  16. What about a DO with similar step and complex level scores? Only clinical trial research in anesthesia, but planning on doing a “audition rotation” at my home institution.

  17. the emotional turmoil, the moving, the preparing, the informing, ALL that in only three days? How do you go from depressed undergrad graduate to getting ready to study medicine in three days?

  18. No one is ever really “ready”

  19. Where could I find this information? Or is it mostly through word of mouth?

  20. Same Bronx hospital has three IMG resident deaths all within the same year. All of them were on a H1-B visa, so if they quit, they would have to leave the US. It was also a medically underserved area according to HHS.

  21. FINALLY managed to figure out how to get videos from my ps4. Tried a different usb stick. Huge shoutout to everyone who helped me on my first post.

  22. Also, Valhalla does the same thing

  23. Yeah and in general those are less academically rigorous. People may have a great time on their surgery clerkship because they’re rotating with a community surgeon and get to be first assist but then have no idea how to be an intern and have to play catch-up in residency. It all evens out by end of intern year but to say the med school experience is the same across the board is being delusional. The stigma will continue to exist when DO schools can’t find partnering teaching hospitals to do the vast bulk of their rotations

  24. Actually not all DO schools are like this. Some DO schools have a home institution and health system that organizes their rotations. The optional ones in anesthesia or derm require away rotations since those hospitals may not have those programs. Also, many DO schools are in underserved and rural areas, so the rotation experience would obviously be difficult compared to MD, but it’s still the same quality of training as evident in the NBME shelf exam scores across the DO schools

  25. Idk man, watching DO students rotate through my school’s academic services makes it seem like the training is not identical. They don’t even have to take the same boards as us. I think residency makes up the difference but it’s just woke premed talk to say that the quality of clinical education at a DO school is the same at an MD school.

  26. This is extremely incorrect. DO students take both the COMPLEX and USMLE. Not sure if you are living under a rock, but 1/4 of licensed and board certified physicians in the US are DO. Legally and professionally, the training has to be identical.

  27. I think only the first four are practice lmfao I think ur taking multiple real MCATs 💀

  28. You can only take 7 in a lifetime lol

  29. Umich med students are probably some of the smartest people studying medicine. Absolutely not comparable to EVERYONE who got an interview or secondary.

  30. Yea but there are tons of people on the waitlist, I’m saying they are replaceable. You can protest as an attending or pgy2 or pgy3 since they are not easily replaceable and can have the opportunity to protest without repercussion.

  31. I always thought this was a cool prospect but the anatomy of head and neck is so daunting.

  32. When I was premed, the ENT I shadowed always brings up the 12 cranial nerves. Guess what was on the mcat? 12 cranial nerves lol.

  33. You know what they say… if you don’t scope or cath…. you’re a joke and a half.

  34. Academic medicine draws the biggest egos. They will look down on anything. FM/IM/Peds, IM sub specialties, and even DOs

  35. I contemplated this approach in the moment but felt it would have escalated the situation in a way that wasn’t in the best interest of my pt.

  36. Yes focusing on the patient is much more important. It would be unprofessional to leave them mid-examination. Imagine if you just left midway when sitting for step 1 lol. Legally, since the patient waived hipaa to see you. Can the patient testify against her?

  37. I mean if that’s the case, I feel like change would be super easy if residences from a program banded together and told them they will be reported if things don’t chance. They def don’t wanna lose the program and all that cheap ass labor.

  38. The problem is that in medicine, our cohort is emotionally manipulated to maintain “professionalism” at all times, which means saying “yes” to everything or else you risk your status to “graduate” each year during how long your residency is and thus never become an attending. They “suck it up” for now until they become an fully independent practicing physician but there is no guarantee in the future. What is guaranteed is what we have now and what are blessed with. Something even the smartest people in medicine will never understand because ego and power tripping.

  39. Anything below a 3.7 in undergrad will screen you out of certain secondary app invites even if you are the best at interviews.

  40. How does HR work in residency? Wouldn’t they just side with admin which the chief is apart of?

  41. What’s even the point of being chief resident, lol? They pay you the same, but you are just in charge of scheduling residents lol. It’s like they add some random title to push off extra work and they happily oblige bc it fulfills their ego.

  42. Increased competitiveness for fellowship.

  43. I know that, but even then, is it even worth the trouble? Are there other factors that make prospective fellows more competitive? Also, is it like a “matching” system where you apply to different fellowship programs of the same type (ex. Heme/obv vs cards) and they rank you?

  44. Heme and Onc is a fellowship and occurs after internal medicine training.

  45. Is vascular and plastics not possible at all as a DO?

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