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  1. Elon managed to get away with all sorts of crypto / stock pump & dumps, and I’m just thrilled to see him put his whole foot in his mouth by getting forced into billions of dollars of debt by purchasing twitter.

  2. -36% in 3 months isn’t normally considered “great”, especially when his loans are backed by TSLA stock.

  3. You seriously think month by month stock price changes are a good reflection of company success?

  4. Millions of uses.... kill decision is a good book showing the power of drone swarm robotics. I'm honestly very surprised that Russia hasn't deployed this to some degree yet. We had the tech for pretty devastating swarm robotics when I did ml vision on quadcopters ~6 years ago.

  5. So if land-based robots aren’t useful because of drones, then why do we still have tanks and ground combat since the invention of planes?

  6. ???? My comment agreed that they each have their place, and I even explained where ground robots help more.

  7. Interesting, 3d printed homes might make a lot of sense on the moon.

  8. What the hell are you talking about? Since the moon has no atmosphere, temperatures are highly predictable. And with since the moon's day is 29 earth days long, you can probably build entire structures in a single day.

  9. Are you trying to articulate why he's doing what he's doing now? If so, do you think what he's doing and HOW he's doing, is having net +ve effect?

  10. If I had to bet, I'd say what Elon is doing now is absolutely a net positive. You have this growing oligopoly that even people on the left like Elizabeth Warren have been growing increasingly concerned about. You can't deny that Elon is now fighting against that.

  11. So twitter is at an all time high for engagements, and quickly pushing to build new features. Furthermore, expenses are set to drop dramatically once severance runs out. So from a profit perspective, there's a real possibility that Twitter will be in the best position ever.

  12. Wahoo, a beam that can melt people from orbit. China will love that...

  13. I mean like technically you're not wrong but it's not china's, it's the sun that's constantly tryna melt us. This should be overall fairly harmless just due to the amount of energy wasted through fringing effects and the atmosphere. I'd imagine you'd need a massive dish on earth to even pick up a reasonable amount of energy

  14. The entire point of beamed space based solar power is to collect a large amount of power in space and beam it back down to earth in a concentrated beam. So yes, with most decently large scale proposals, you could fry entire city blocks of people.

  15. Could be a reach but that looks like suicide. No attempt to brake or turn or even honking, they were heading straight to that wall. The grey pickup probably saved their life.

  16. People work shitty hours and low pay with Tesla and SpaceX because they believe in the mission. That's not the same for tech workers. No qualified tech worker in his right mind would deal with this.

  17. Being one of the core people who turned twitter around would be interesting, assuming the twitter overhaul works out.

  18. Lol. No. Any tech person of value would have zero faith in management.

  19. Do you seriously think firing most managers and empowering coders is going to push the good coders away?

  20. If you want beginner practice in a language and to have some fun at the same time, do it.

  21. I'm actually interested in the esport thing as well. But it seems that only kids participate

  22. Ah, I dont know anything about that side of things.

  23. Thats ok - thanks for the input! I think I am still figuring out what is best, which is why I keep trying all these things in this pelican haha.

  24. I'd suggest renting or borrowing a better kayak before buying.

  25. It seems pretty obvious that he's simply trying to force the company culture to be more like tesla/spacex... It's not complicated.

  26. Did they "come up with good ideas" or did they throw enough money at ideas that existed before he was born? Electric cars, vacuum tube transport, and self landing spaceships are all 100 year old sci fi concepts that some would say we're inevitable.

  27. If you look at the teardowns for any of their cars, they are filled with good ideas that have not been done in the auto industry. It's harder to say for spacex since we don't have teardowns for those. However, judging by both the stories employees/contractors have, as well as the unprecedented low cost to manufacture their rockets, you're likely looking at hundreds of good ideas that are new to the industry.

  28. My point is, anyone investing the capital could have done this. Elon Musk's contribution to this is the same as the investors who bought the Wright Brother's company in 1915.

  29. I have not seen any evidence to support this idea. What you're suggesting is exactly what Jeff bozos did with blue origin, and they are way behind spacex now.

  30. You'll need to give more context...

  31. Wonder how they deal with warping...

  32. Difference is though Space X and Tesla can sell a vision people can get excited and believe in to work those hours. Twitter cannot sell a vision of the future beyond "I guess it works well enough".

  33. Have you seen any attempts to sell the future of Twitter to prospective employees yet? I think we have to wait and see.

  34. Do you work 12 hours a day 6 days a week 52 weeks a year? Because that’s the cadence Elon seems to expect now. That’s what his China factory does. After discovering they work that hard he tweeted about his American workers are lazy.

  35. The value in twitter is the user base, which is probably why musk is excited to see engagement going up. Google+, among others, proved how important that is.

  36. OK, so now it has LESS energy density than other models listed.

  37. To be fair, energy density wasn't a metric they promoted at battery day iirc. I believe the lower manufacturing cost of these is primary motivator for making these, but it seems very hard to get accurate data for that. i.e. How do these stack up against CATL's cell to pack battery system?

  38. Imagine you live in your mother's basement, but you post incessantly online about how much of an asshole she is. Chances are, she's going to kick you out. You're free to keep saying these things, but there will probably be consequences.

  39. Employees are not children! Till an age kids needs dependency on parents or guardian.

  40. I was really hoping that he'd actually use the hydraulics to make the crab walk again. Ah well.

  41. That we are too far behind on the technological ladder to expand or even survive long-term outside of zoos/sanctuaries. It seems likely that even a single k3 or higher civilization in the region could permanently block all hope of humanity expanding. It also seems highly unlikely that we'd even know what signs to look for.

  42. TWC sells a LOT of weather forecasts to corporates. I work in Energy trading and we spend a vast amount of money on weather forecasts.

  43. I can only imagine... as someone with an automated backyard year-round greenhouse + solar/battery setup in Canada, good forecasts make a big difference in keeping everything running and warm.

  44. One of Musk's other recent masterpieces was about how Twitter is the "vector sum" of the people who work there. He SO DESPERATELY wants to sound like a Smart Feller. He's the richest guy in the world and he's so fuckin' NEEDY, it's embarrassing.

  45. That's a pretty old expression that was not invented by musk. I've used it many times over the years, because it captures the idea that many smart and productive people can essentially cancel each other out if they're moving in different directions within an organization.

  46. You have a point, but you haven't provided an alternative.

  47. Do you have any evidence for this supposed onion-like structure of Twitter? I'm sure credit card information is stored on a separate system, but I wouldn't be surprised if DM's are accessible by Twitter engineers if they really want to, it's not like they are end-to-end encrypted or anything. And certainly who you are messaging would me accessible to Twitter engineers for debugging and monitoring.

  48. Twitter already has a payments system, so I assume they simply offloaded the payments side of twitter blue to that. So, I'm not sure how you think, from a code perspective, twitter blue would be vulnerable. From a general perspective, there's a bunch of issues such as outside payment processers not validating identity, but that's not a code problem at twitter.

  49. Well, lots of Elon Musk's money has come from the US government, which is part of why some critics consider him a hypocrite for giving Bernie and AOC a hard time for proposing raising taxes.

  50. It's a lot more meaningful if you look at the actual $$ amounts. Judging by subsidy tracker, tesla has received 2.5bil from the government. That's 0.4% of their market cap.

  51. Market cap has to do with stocks, which wouldnt be related to this

  52. Elon's net worth is almost entirely stocks, so market cap it the most important factor to consider.

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