1. This guy, If he continues this quality for another 10 years, will be remembered as a better player than CR7. But that's a very big if.

  2. Thanks! I don't smoke weed or drink alcohol though. I've been recently taking some meds for my digestive issues though. (+ A 30 day period of Zoloft)

  3. I've got the same thing, man. Really bad anxiety and it manifests as IBS which is extremely distracting, nearly every morning for the last few years. I am also WFH and it's a blessing, as nobody needs to be aware of my health issues.

  4. Thanks mate! Hope you get better soon!

  5. Maybe. If doing it slowly it's entirely possible that there won't be any withdrawal. BUT if your anxiety is still an issue then that will come back, and you might be pretty fucked because of that.

  6. Yes you're 100% right. I'm used to thinking about the worst case scenario :)

  7. This pass from Messi will be counted nowhere. He has literally hundreds if not thousands of these in his career.

  8. Well I'm not really informed about Chinese politics.

  9. You follow Iranian politics and the protests there but don’t seem to have the most basic grasp of the most significant political meetings in decades in the country you allegedly live in? Ok bro.

  10. I don't live in China bro. I'm just interested in anti-censorship tools.

  11. I can see it from the site-owners POV. If 99% of the fraud and abuse they get comes through VPNs and onion, easiest to just block VPNs and onion.

  12. It's the easiest but not the correct course of action.

  13. Whatever number you figure out, if you switch to miles it'll take only 62% as many.

  14. Shadowsocks + v2ray/xray/simple-obfs work.

  15. You can't hide the IP, unless you put it behind a CDN. All the protocols above will expose the IP, but it is more about obfuscating the connection. Only a CDN will hide the IP.

  16. What's the difference between xray and v2ray? Is xray much more resilient to detection by GFW?

  17. Xray is a fork of v2ray. I'd say both are pretty similar. Based on recent VPN blocks in China I wouldn't say one is more resilient than the other.

  18. Can we all agree that after a short absence, Messi is once again the best footballer in the world?

  19. Is there any technical analysis regarding Iranian drones in Ukrtaine? How good they are and their technologies.

  20. Not too in-depth in technical details but Tom Cooper did a three part blog on Iranian UAV's.

  21. I have been stably working remotely to support my foreign customers for almost 3 years.

  22. Do you have a personal VPN? Shadowsocks, etc?

  23. I'd heard that Outline (which is essentially ShadowSocks) doesn't work in China though?

  24. From the perspective of an engineer, your argument makes no sense. It's like if there was an oppressive regime that used hammers as a weapon and you were saying "I hope those bastards that designed hammers get what's coming to them"

  25. These guys are developing anti-VPN tools that no entity other than super oppressive regimes like the one in China Or Iran uses.

  26. The same tools can be used to filter child porn. It's not the tools, it's how they are used

  27. Well they develop pretty advanced anti-VPN tools that no entity other than oppressive governments use.

  28. What's this transport mode then exactly?

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