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  1. thank god i don't understand

  2. It's a reference to a photo of the furaffinity mascot shoving a cheese grater up his asshole

  3. Why did you have to fucking remind me

  4. The money spent on all that plastic wrap is probably more expensive than just buying a hammock

  5. You cannot convince me this isn't a fed

  6. Finally someone who is rational. Not everyone deserves love. Not everyone deserves to be praised. Not everyone deserves to be happy.

  7. Yeah. Nobody is entitled to happiness

  8. In some places yes. It should be the death penalty though

  9. Rubber bullets are supposed to be fired at the ground, they can still kill. And as someone else said, from point blank range it's lethal

  10. How do you rank Saudi Arabia higher than Brazil

  11. No, let it die down. Then bring it back when nobody expects it

  12. can you elaborate on this? do you mean its spreading because.. people arent allowed to touch animals at those zoos? im confused..

  13. There are 3 "types" of zoophiles (zoo is just a shortened way of saying zoophile)

  14. I thought non-contact wasn’t like asexuality, but more about being morally more “acceptable” since they kept the sexual fantasy as a fantasy and didn’t actually have sex with actual animals regardless. (it’s still pretty abhorrent)

  15. It could be like that too. As long as they aren't physically touching the animal, it's considered non contact

  16. None of them. They ruin the fun of the original backrooms

  17. Appears she fancies Octopuses as well

  18. Can you please tell me what it is? I've scrolled through like 500 comments and not one mention of it, sadly. lol

  19. Every chad knows that sex is temporary but lifting is forever

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