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When laughter meets percussion

  1. oh im DEFINITELY getting cancer from the amount of virex fumes i’ve accidentally huffed while cleaning rooms in the pet hotel LMAO

  2. i actually really enjoy working in the hotel. It has it’s own level of craziness but OH MAN I will never work out in the store. I’ve learned I really love working with dogs tho, I love what I do, but not always the job :)

  3. not going to shit on the brand like the others have already, but $38 is way too much for distillate.

  4. compared to some carts that are $60 for a full gram of disty, I was like “oh fuck yeah” when I saw this one was $38 lol. It definitely gets the job done 🤷‍♀️

  5. this sounds crazy but as much as I really like live resin, i prefer distillate cuz it’s much less smelly and gets the job done :)

  6. if he didnt want us to make almond milk then why would he design almonds to be made into milk?

  7. that crest is glorious! it looks photoshopped in!! 😂

  8. Can’t wait for the red pilled comments that they should stick to music and not to politics !

  9. how many red pilled turds do u think actually listen to gizz? 🤔 i feel like it’s not in their wheelhouse AT ALL and I’m okay with that lol

  10. Because you don't understand sin. I didn't either before accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. As "trivial" as this post makes it sound, every thing we do in rebellion toward God's desires and intention is sin. The heart is what defiles us.

  11. why doesnt god want me to have some sick ink?

  12. As someone who likes fish and weed, I’ve looked this up myself because I was worried. Your fishy will be completely fine! :) Even if you blew smoke directly into your tank I don’t think it can actually go into the water

  13. poop, eat, scream, chew everything they’re not supposed to, poop some more, sleep.

  14. snails are known to eat dead critters. I’ve had fish pass away in my tank and I don’t even notice until I find their fishy skeletons. It’s absolutely freaky to see, but kinda cool?? those snails act QUICK

  15. This is great to see. I think we can all agree it seems like there is something up with Jim lately, so I’m glad he has come to acceptance. If he’s posted it on

  16. i dont think this is actually Jim, but he does have alopecia and I think he’s definitely learning to accept it :) he looks great no matter what

  17. i was told personally, I don’t really think it’s something he’s trying to hide but I also don’t really think he’s ever explained it

  18. Rise on Detroit in Lakewood had Sublime on when I was there the other day. I thought that was enjoyable.

  19. every time I go into that Rise they always have different stuff playing. Sometimes it’s hip hop, jazz, or neat electronic stuff :)

  20. Episode 288 2D SOLDIERS at 30:05. You'll probably find more clips around the 280s and 290s.

  21. Can I seriously ask how people let birds roan free in they're house/apartment without them pooing everywhere?

  22. oh they DO poop everywhere lol. I just vacuum everyday and wipe down any poopy surfaces :)

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