1. omg. I legit just told my husband to cut it out with the spice fiji “WITH PALM TREES!” scent. I couldn’t fall asleep it was strong as vicks vapor rub.

  2. that last sentence sounds like me every time i wear Layton before bed

  3. I had a dream that I poured my entire bottle of Versace fragrance into baked beans. I def don't recommend. 👍

  4. Why are you touching freight if you are not D38? Some day side associates help us at my store if they have the time and want to but only D26 is asked to help at my store when we are slammed with toilets, water heaters or cabinets and the main machine opperater for D26/29 is not there.

  5. It’s pretty common (was trained to do this on my first day a couple years back) to work freight carts during the day. I guess every store has different expectations due to both volume and staffing

  6. the red ones, but it actually grew on me and i bought another lol

  7. I would say over a dozen or so (or let’s say up to ~15) it can be understandable or ‘reasonable’ (to some extent lol) to have that many. There are at least 4-5 different ‘contexts’ (e.g., office wear, hot weather, cold weather, casual, formal, etc.) for fragrances so it can be hard to settle on only one choice for a context so you can get 2 instead of 1. Then, you’re already at ~10 ish bottles.

  8. I think you broke that down perfectly and logically!

  9. Mancera Coco Vanille. I am a dude and i rock that shit proudly. I love sunscreen frags, with sweet coconut and vanilla. it’s right up my alley

  10. I’m sorry to hear that. Look into Replica Jazz Club, it’s in my top 3 and it has notes of both cigar smoke, and booze, and a good amount of sweetness in it to make it very wearable.

  11. dude i wrote this ten years and one gender ago

  12. I adore VIW. I tried Alexandria’s clone but it doesn’t even come close in my skin, are there any alternatives that give the same smooth coconut and lime?

  13. I have Oakcha’s Secret Lagoon that i got on sale for 20 bucks, i’m happy with it!

  14. I see, also appreciate replying quickly to a decade old thread.

  15. I think rizz/rizzing is some idiotic term kids use these days. Just like “cap” as in “stop capping” I think is how it’s used. Anyways. Yea kids say it these days and I believe it’s the same thing as saying “game” like “that dude has big game with the ladies” 😂😂🤷‍♂️ idk don’t ask me. Kids these days are getting dumber and dumber.

  16. I mean i don’t disagree on your last sentence, but I always find it ironic how every generation says that about the next. always have, always will

  17. D&G The One EDT. it’s only an around the house scent for me

  18. At one of my old seasonal jobs (red circles store) I took my lunch break with the morning truck crew pretty often so on my last day they had no reason to think anything of it but said something to the effect of "hey since you work in tech you should probably be heading back in" and I just said "oh I don't work here." Surprised Pikachus all around, they were sad to see me go because we were chill and I did my job so they didn't have to but I didn't realize that I hadn't told anyone when my last day was until then.

  19. Off topic question- i personally have used terms like “red circles store” when describing places i’ve worked on reddit, but what’s the reason people do that? is it to prevent any actual legal ties to naming a company or something?

  20. In theory at least it's the same as saying allegedly when someone is involved in legal proceedings. Covers you while you say disparaging things because you didn't say it was that company you just gave a description that could be interpreted to mean them, I do it because I think it's funny and ridiculous.

  21. that makes sense, thanks! it is pretty fuckin funny lmaoo

  22. “Andrea is the office bitch. You’ll get used to her.” Then extends his hand and introduces himself… to Meredith.

  23. oh yeah that’s definitely nice. although i personally don’t mind helping people, especially when they’re outwardly appreciative. but the able bodied people standing there and telling me to do rudely or not even attempting to help guide something into their car gets under my skin

  24. how is that? i own some original golf/converse shoes from the first release and i’m curious to try the fragrance release but you know, the whole blind buying thing. and idk if i wanna pay for their sample

  25. Original Mugler A* Man, and Bad Boy Le Parfum. As to why anyone would wear a scent with a hemp/cannabis note beats me, smells like skunky weed and BO. But then again i used to be a heavy smoker so maybe that’s how i smelled LMAO

  26. burberry touch for men. i really loved it in store, now it just smells like some really nice baby powder to me and i never wear it besides to bed on occasion

  27. TF Oud Wood - lasts about 5 minutes, never buying another TF fragrance

  28. Tf vanilla fatale lasts hoursss on me, and weeks on clothes

  29. smells like soft plastic fishing worms lmao, can’t get that out of my head

  30. I like to layer Ombré Leather with Noir Extreme. It’s so complex and sexy , my fiancés melts every time.

  31. i have to try NE again, i wasn’t a fan of it last time but i’ll check it out!

  32. Yep I knew that already due to the specialty and merchandising difference. I didn’t think it would be that big of a success share different however, as someone here 5 years got about the same as me

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