1. I regrettably have to admit that I find this 'puzzle' neither challenging nor worthy of showing off. And I really am low elo scum who plays completely dog shit.

  2. tell me you're insecure and miserable without telling me

  3. Is, is this satire or real? At this point I can’t tell. They can’t get mad at people disliking the current system when THIS is the available propaganda to coax us into it. Is this a joke? A cruel self-aware joke?

  4. same lmfao, it's so dystopian I'm convinced this has to be satire. no way an actually functional, sane, real human being thinks like this. these people needa be lined up.

  5. It's definitely satirical, I mean, there's a whole privacy about how she has no privacy and she just has to hope it can't be used against her ever, and a whole paragraph about how the folks outside of the cities are essentially lost and serviceless, hermits in an abandoned post-apocalyptic countryside...

  6. makes sense, I tried to look for the article but couldn't find it, thanks for clearing it up

  7. witch hazel (no alcohol) then moisturiser. that's all you need really.

  8. energetic asf. the mosh was fun, wasn't overly crazy

  9. You can make an argument for any of his tlop4 work being the best

  10. I was about to say this fr, like 15+ songs could be the best cuz it's such a good album

  11. mine is fuck nigga but i’m schleep is a good song 🔥

  12. second best song on the tape too it's super hard 🗣 man I wished pierre released his old mixtapes on streaming he's got some of his best work on them

  13. This is literally how I think… his flow is tight… I’ll give em that but there’s nothing else special about him to me

  14. fr. he doesn't even have the best flow tbh, big L was better. most of his discog just sounds like a big 5 hour song to me too

  15. Bro I swear to fuckin god like I’m genuinely trying to find good in this shit and they’re just being dicks about it. That’s what make me realize there ain’t nun else in it. Ready to die is just the same beat for an hour, minus like big poppa n a couple others. I just don’t feel this shit

  16. fr we're not blindly hating it's just not for us. if everyone had the same opinion on everything then life would be so fucking boring. especially art of all things, which is entirely subjective

  17. And despite not being clinical, he has 9 goals and 2 assists in 900 minutes

  18. Salah was the same in his first season for us in the first 4-5 months, he created so many chances that it didn't matter if he was clinical, but he missed so many great chances every game and his decision making wasn't good

  19. Salah literally broke the golden boot record in his first season lol

  20. I said first 4-5 months of the season, and no shit he did, he still missed an insane number of easy chances

  21. you can only say that if we contest a ball, we had 6/8 players in the box ball watching lmao sunday league defense would do better for this goal

  22. Don’t let poor countries vote. It’s hard to hear but that’s the problem. They can all be bought.

  23. yeah platini and beckenbauers countries are doing horrible I heard. infantino and blatter couldn't be corrupt cuz they're white right?

  24. You must’ve misunderstood. Yes they are corrupt, but their corruption only works because they are able to buy votes from poor countries.

  25. it doesn't matter anymore, anyone that's involved and will be involved in FIFA is corrupt no matter where they're from

  26. Has more WC titles than most national teams, cope

  27. Lmao coping = saying the best of all time is still the 3 times world champion who took football to another level.

  28. you've never watch a full Pele match hahahaha I know you're seething, you're gonna hate the next few months brother 🤝

  29. brazuca was the best, but the jabulani was so fun to play with ngl

  30. young dolph did it on cut it too, rip GOAT

  31. Going completely off subject, the point is that I am suggesting a cancel button not asking for an evaluation for a mistake that happened and alternatives. Things like this happen and its fine.

  32. lol don't bother on him, he sounds miserable

  33. Nerf demage to kill equal level stab goblins, minions and lower elixir cost to 4. So musk will still have bigger dps than wizard but he will have splash demage.

  34. listen to lost files 2, some of ken's best songs and they're all super chill

  35. What’s with the huge dip when he turned 18?

  36. when he transferred from sporting to United

  37. toyg says:

    Tbh he didn't award the WC to Qatar, iirc he's on record as voting for another bid. He's just ensuring they go as planned, because a failed WC would be a massive hit to FIFA's coffers and prospects. "His" WC will be the next one.

  38. he wasn't apart of the 22 people that voted in 2010 and we don't know exactly who voted for Qatar but the 14 people that did have been accurately deduced by others through leaks and what not.

  39. Ah do you have a list of names so I can print out their pictures for my dart board (I don't have a dart board but maybe I'll buy one just to throw arrows at the fuckers)?

  40. honestly you can get a photo of all 22 committee members since most of them got banned or indicted afterwards lmao

  41. you already know they were laughing while saying that

  42. it has a slight curve to it yes, but it does not change direction in any meaningful way. Kinda like every standard free kick ever.

  43. a knuckle ball is a 'standard free kick'?

  44. nah same. it sounds nostalgic and chill like a cold night when you were a kid with a warm asf blanket wrapped around u while ur playing the ds 💀😭

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