1. It really depends on what you define as fluency. To me, fluency is about the speed of processing language and being able to quickly construct a response.

  2. This 100%. They're different skillsets. I love the music analogy!

  3. Don’t listen to them. Nothing wrong with YouTubing an ending if the last boss is a bit unfair. I haven’t played this game, but that’s what I’ve heard about it.

  4. Seconded. The best way to enjoy a game is on your own terms. Gatekeepers can shove off.

  5. I’m learning Japanese for this reason. I recommend doing so.

  6. ちょっとした修正ですが、"七月"のことを"7月"と書くのが一般的です

  7. ありがとうございます!Very much still in the learning phase haha

  8. Of course. It's also possible to be a Satanist without believing in hell, religion, or Taco Tuesday

  9. It’s possible, sure…but I don’t want to know you if you don’t believe in Taco Tuesday.

  10. It couldn’t have ended any other way. It was a good ending. I also second Edith Finch.

  11. I live where OP wants to go and can confirm this. I hope you find what you’re looking for, but it’s not all cozycore here unfortunately.

  12. Japanese language learning culture is toxic because so many learners are, well, you know the type. Insecure and poorly socialized.

  13. I see faaaaaar more complaints about how toxic the community is than actual toxicity on a daily basis…lol.

  14. [VIDEO GAMES] Pixel Project Radio - A Video Game Discussions Podcast

  15. Lovely that they literally are breaking the law and get mad when you try to do exactly what the PA driver's manual says to do.

  16. fsk says:

    The consensus is that the SD cards that come with it are cheap quality. You should buy your own SD card, flash your own OS, and source your own roms.

  17. To add onto this: you might be able to salvage some of the ROMs from the stock cards, but they’re not guaranteed. Plenty of broken ones, cracked ones, romhacks, etc. I used the stock cards for a day and had extremely inconsistent performance - definitely buy a reputable brand to put in (e.g. Sandisk, Samsung)

  18. Alaskan here. Double check the shipping and handling for your region. Up here it was around $60 S&H from their website, so I wound up getting mine from Amazon.

  19. (this is the same guy who made a post to say he's giving up japanese because the *learning community is too toxic, by the way)

  20. Hah! I remember that bozo. I asked for elaboration and he couldn’t/wouldn’t give any.

  21. I don’t know why, but as soon as I saw that the kanji for “doing” (仕) on WaniKani had a reading of し, my immediate association was “shiiiiiiiiii what the dog doin’?” It immediately worked.

  22. I’m using Jelos and like it quite a bit. Honestly, as long as you install them on a good sd card that isn’t the stock ones, you’ll be just fine haha

  23. Third. RGC and Taki Udon got me into this hobby and continue to provide the best insights and advice.

  24. This reminds me of when I was a kid - I lent my save file to my friend so he could help me out with something. Can’t remember what. But he ended up naming Garnet “sacktap” and I cried and started the game over.

  25. Wild. I’ll never understand how you all can do this, but I love watching so keep it up.

  26. I went to a Pixel 7 Pro. Camera is superb

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