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  1. I’m pretty sure you’re lying but I guess there’s only one way to find out..

  2. SC NOLA was kinda good if I remember. So of course it was canceled. And I didn’t mind the Savannah one either. I watch Southern charm for the southern Ness of it all… And I believe it is doesn’t automatically mean things are racist. The architecture, the manners, the politeness, the male femininity, the money. I love it. I am not sure what’s going to make this special.

  3. I really hope Heather is watching every episode of this season and finally realizing what a deeply insensitive toxic POS she’s been 😥

  4. Whitney trying to force a storyline and Heather holding here accountable..

  5. This whole situation is fucked. She seems really fucked up. She hates her mother, but is just like her. I hope someone is taking good care of the kids.

  6. Tons of (even rich) people rent. Renting is great in many scenarios. Perhaps you don't think you're going to live where you live in five years, there is a huge run up in your area in housing costs & you're trying to time the market, you love the freedom of no maintenance- you're busy and just want to call a landlord in lieu of dealing with everything on your own. You want your weekends for fun and not for projects. Short term buying is a bad idea, closing costs, etc? Instead of laying out a down payment, you can use that savings to keep your money on your businesses, investments, stock market, what have you.

  7. This is the best answer. Renting is becoming more and more popular with wealthy people. Maintenance, upkeep , and taxes will eat away at equity more than most people realize. Similar to owning a car, why would you when you instantly lose value after purchase, have maintenance and upkeep, and eventually warranty’s expire.

  8. Ain’t nobody watching that spin-off. Ironic that she’s a full time influencer when she’s got the lowest IG follower count of the whole cast. Square peg, round hole. She just doesn’t make any sense on the show.

  9. Rinna is an actress and she never turns it off, constant hustle. Ericka is the cockroach, burn her to the ground.

  10. I am in my 2nd year of a master's program for Cannabis Science and Therapeutics through the University of Maryland. There have been so many studies on this. Therapeutically speaking, providers like to recommend Tincture under the tongue because it is pure (has terpenes) and very, very accurate to dose. When it is absorbed sublingually, very little goes through first pass metabolism and it is available in about 5 minutes.

  11. I haven’t done that since college. Gonna be awkward asking my wife to hold my legs.

  12. I’m more concerned with why those chose cardboard, that’s gonna turn to paper-mache in no time.

  13. You were confused with shep and sheps cousin hahah

  14. That is exactly what I was thinking of. I was just trying to think where I got that lmao

  15. Well he supposedly put Jibri in a coma once so I he owns a trucking company while being in a band so that sounds smart too.

  16. I thought he was just a truck driver, or maybe owned his own truck.

  17. Agreed, but I feel like as his brother he could have had his back. But, Pat seems soft compared to John so I'm not surprised.

  18. Pat seems like he lets John handle most of the hard stuff, but we don’t know what could have been said and edited. Plus he’s in a hard place between John and Thais, I get laying back on that one.

  19. Bilal is scary because he realized how he looked and adjusted, I’d be surprised if we see them again. Jabroni is an unhinged piece of shit with mommy issues that’s willing to anything it takes to be famous. For some reason I still can’t stand debris more than B grateful.

  20. They probably will but we don't have to sign up for it.

  21. We will but they haven’t been kicked off 90 day yet so give it a couple more months.

  22. This would be easier if he’d learn to shut the fuck up.

  23. Too bad his mommy wasn’t there to keep him under control. Punk bitch.

  24. How many children are there that I would need a hammer and are there any premium upgrades available?

  25. It is, however, hot enough to boil your blood. Yours, personally.

  26. This schmuck is doing a pretty good job channeling a bass guitarist for a late 80s Goth band.

  27. It was 😂And, Weird Al is a much better comparison. No offense to Weird Al either lol

  28. Can we get a 90 day fiancé fist fight? There’s so many people I’d love to watch throw hands against each other in the franchise 😂😭

  29. Did moons Miona say a single word? Admittedly I walked out for 2min but I can’t even remember her opening her mouth.

  30. Noooo i hope he vanishes forever after the tell all. He’s such a try hard and doesn’t seem to have matured beyond his teenage years.

  31. Hard when his mother is a master manipulator and he has no will to.

  32. Patch Notes 1.06: Put these foolish ambitions to rest

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