Skype does make me nostalgic tho

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  1. Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess

  2. Not to be that guy, but the show comes out in 2023.

  3. This guy's been spamming this shit in owlhouse related subs. It's quite anoying actually

  4. Remember that time he wrote an original song and then Michael Jackson parodied him?

  5. Can't believe people think Micheal Jackson did it first smh

  6. It's worse when you have that delivered with casual British sarcasm.

  7. The real question is, what actually happened? Did pixar go trans rights or did someone forget who's who?

  8. It's not actually fire boy and water girl movie, I was just making a joke 💀💀💀

  9. My gender is a bit different from the first one

  10. There is no such thing as “gray Jedi”. Not in any canon or interpretation. That is not how The Force works.

  11. Maybe I would if this wasn't a subscription game.

  12. He was always named Norville, Shaggy was just a nickname.

  13. Can we talk about the Q&A panel with no mention of the 6 minute sneak peak? Like for instance what are our theories about hooty’s origins. Dana said once she saw someone with the answer. And I wonder if we can try to figure it out.

  14. The one where Zane figures out he's a robot.

  15. Automod isn't letting me say anything without removing it lol.

  16. Everyone called them a p*do for drawing porn of adult Amphibia characters in private.

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