1. Thank you. Looks like my best option for peace of mind is to trade it in after the insurance portion is wrapped up.

  2. You can expect that they’ll inspect it and write an estimate. You have provided very little details. However, unless “drive like you stole it” means they crashed it into a building with full airbags deploy, it’s very, very unlikely a truck of that value is going to be totaled.

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  4. Hey OP, I'm a professional detailer, my advice, don't get it detailed. Since it was stolen insurance will most likely total it. (If you really want to keep it, you might be able to, but don't quote me on that) and then get it detailed, but to get it detailed correctly, your looking at atleast $300 for just interior, maybe more with how dirty it is. Don't get it detailed by anyone saying it's $100 or less because you'll get screwed over by it not being a detail. Let me know if I can be of anymore help.

  5. Broke into my home, unfortunately. Took the keys and cash from my wallet. Car theft is not his biggest concern right now.

  6. Thankfully the most I've ever carried on a credit card was 5k (the balance I'm still paying off). My best friend passed away last year and money was not as important as being there for the family and the funeral. Most of the debt is from travel expenses. Although it is not ideal, and it's certainly become a pain in the ass now, I wouldn't of missed it for anything.

  7. I wouldn't beat yourself up over that. CC's are there for emergency expenses like this. As long as the balance goes down every month, you're ok. Pay it off any way you can. I got a second job to get me over the hump. Good luck!

  8. Just keep paying off your debt. If you have credit card debt, its high interest, pay it first.

  9. This is fabulous advice I wish was given to me in my 20s. Now in my 50s and pay off the CC's monthly and its a beautiful place to be. Think of the APR on your cards as the return on your investment. Pay them off, highest APR first, then cut them up.

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