1. dunno, OP is one who portrayed themselves as some Chad with a family they don't like, feels like some cognitive dissonance at best and him just being a dick to his family at worst.

  2. It is just a meme, not a portrait of me or my life lol.

  3. I used to want a family. Now im not so sure. The left has actually managed to ruin it

  4. Don’t let them win. You won’t know real love until you hear your own baby giggle. It IS worth it.

  5. I always appreciate seeing new meme templates on this sub. Good job OP 👍.

  6. Hmm...what's the technical term for when the state and corporations merge powers?

  7. I swear I used to know this, but after getting rejected from art school twice I just can’t remember the term….

  8. Damn, you really went kid gloves mode on the right, huh? Pointing at faults each quadrant sort of likes anyway

  9. All of my memes are jokes. The point of this one was to downplay what Pinochet did(joke) and to make libright accept Epstein as theirs. Comedy is subjective.

  10. So around the El Paso area or the Abilene area? Times like these I really forget how widespread Texas is. Ah the joys of finding contractors, you gotta know a guy to get the right help.

  11. Way more south, where the green hills meet the desert.

  12. But wait, isn't July 1 the Canuck independence day?

  13. A decrepit monarch is still on their “money”. They are not independent.

  14. No, but my holiday overtime rate is insane, and I do like money.

  15. I'm against casual abortion but also against total abortion bans. Abortion is hard on the woman's body and it shouldn't be used as a casual form of birth control. There should be exceptions in the circumstances when the woman would die, or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or if the fetus would end up with major developmental issues like Downs.

  16. Get this level of based out of here! You threaten the entire based economy!

  17. I've definitely seen a fair amount of non-religious people against abortion

  18. Allow the gays to marry, and I wish them every happiness. Now Pride kink in the streets I pay for and Drag Queen Story Hour, that is a problem.

  19. It is, just slowly, as more conservative subs get banned more flock here and continually tip the scales

  20. Then comes the counter attack. But who shall be our Napoleon?

  21. Canadians, blink twice if you want to be liberated.

  22. As someone who works with the homeless often, this could honestly eliminate homelessness. Because they murder each other a lot.

  23. Serious question from someone who's not a city dweller

  24. If no family claims them they get a spot in the public cemetery. But instead of a headstone they get a ground level placard the size of a brick.

  25. I advocate for a quicker and cheaper death penalty it shouldnt cost a fortune to kill a man

  26. "You can't own a dude, my guy, that's hella cringe."-Abraham Lincoln.

  27. “This play is fuckin’ lit!” - Abe Lincoln 1865, probably.

  28. “The slaveussy be bussin mad fr no cap” Thomas Jefferson

  29. “The tree of liberty is thirsty AF” - DJ Jeffs

  30. I’ll leave it to the Swamp Germans to elaborate, but it involves a frozen river and being mocked on the internet forever.

  31. Put the HOAs in charge! It was right in front of us all along!

  32. Goddamn it's been so long and so many times that I've finally run out of energy to explain why this is stupid. Congratulations, the Fox News comment sections didn't do it but PCM somehow did.

  33. First time? It means you won the argument. Block “Reddit cares” and relish in your victory.

  34. Nice. I just wish I knew who reported me. Oh well, gonna go scratch a tally on my phone now.

  35. It doesn’t matter who it was. Their bloodline is weak and will be forgotten by history.

  36. I know these are wojacks and you just made it up, but I feel bad for her. She's trying to find someone and took a risk asking her more intense friend for help. He betrayed her trust and I don't think their friendship can be salvaged. I need to stop drinking

  37. Since it’s an alternate timeline, I think I can help. She pushes him to apply to art school one more time, and this time he gets in. Priceless Hitlers now hang in The Louvre. Paris is controlled by the Mongols.

  38. The drug gangs have been running Chicago, Philly and LA just fine since the police handed control over to them in 2020.

  39. Just a couple more defundings until paradise. I feel it in my bones.

  40. Now I want an AMA on who abuses the button, and why…

  41. I don't think there's a proper dedicated wojack for it, but there is the stereotype of the authright man who wants a tradwife but he hasn't showered in a month and hasn't talked to a woman in years.

  42. He looks like he’d be at a county fair managing tractor pulls.

  43. I’m torn on this one. On one hand, letting the public square decide what is and is not funny should be a good thing. But on the other, the sub is now mostly “compass reacts to a tweet” memes, but with wojaks.

  44. I believe King Leopold III actually fought with his men when mustache man invaded.

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