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  1. People insisting Leia is Randy's kid or the writers completely destroyed Donna's future career by making her get knocked up the second Eric returns 😭 T70S had more Christmases than existed in 1976-1979. The writers do not care about having an established timeline and never will.

  2. When you say "the writers" that establishes that the writing crew is the same as it was back for that 70s show in the 2000s.

  3. I'm saying the writers for That 70s Show didn't care about the timeline. Even disregarding That 90s Show existing at all, continuity errors in the OG were abundant. It doesn't matter if both shows share the same writers or not because a vague, floating timeline is characteristic of its shared universe. Trying to make sense of ages and years in T90S is futile, as it was in T70S.

  4. Aha I love this! I wish the writers would have thought of this. However I think that would imply a bit more screen time for Ashton and as we saw in this spin off, it’s really not about the legacy cast

  5. People will complain and say their rebuttals, but I feel that the directors did a good job really only utilizing the legacy cast for the first and last episode of the season.

  6. Right??? This would have been an amazing episode haha.

  7. Could be a mental illness or someone who is just having a bad time in life. Not condoning.

  8. Not gonna lie, my first response was, "wait, what the fuck?"

  9. I’m pretty sure 14 + 9 is 17 man… you should re count using your fingers and thumbs

  10. good fan service of her to let us know they haven't forgotten about the fans.

  11. No harm if your just using it to clean in the outer part of your ear, but too many people try to clean their fucking brain with them.

  12. Almost like a natural selection style tournament… “this feeling of poking my head seems alright… let’s go in further”

  13. I had to post this because I watched this fight over 6 months ago, and still had to go back and recollect my thoughts.

  14. If we lived in a time before cameras he would be at home right now thinking about how he’ll improve his odds next time

  15. & people think we live in bad times. no, social media is putting a spotlight on the bad times that have shadowed our past.

  16. I also downloaded the vimms version and downloaded on to my ps3 but I can't get revamped to work with it any ideas

  17. I'm going to use this answer for literally every video game question for the rest of my life.

  18. Well of course they’re gonna need to get all that lint and shedded hair off of their coat after chasing around the sun and moon all day.

  19. Mfer 2 fast 2 furious’ed your ass

  20. I keep the used GameStop $29.99 price tag on my case as a reminder of how shitty our economy is, and just about everything is anti-consumer

  21. Do people not know to take out valuables, and lose change from your car before taking it in for a repair?

  22. Yeah. Above average. Mostly this is about the amount of striking similarities rather than comparing the team to Gardner as a whole.

  23. I miss his youth when he stole 40 bases a season, only happened twice.

  24. The correct way to handle this is to let the dude walk out with the merch, get his plate (if applicable), call the police, and reach out to loss prevention. Employees aren’t protected from assault charges in these situations and the merch is insured for every penny. Don’t put your well being at risk to stop a shoplifter, dude could have been armed.

  25. Our laws enable liars, cheaters, and stealers every day.

  26. You know you can make pizza healthy right?

  27. You’re wasting your time, the person is either trolling with us or genuinely believes soda and greased up food are only kids meals.

  28. If you put a damp washcloth in a well-fitted door, when you close the door it sort of jams/wedges in there and makes it so you need adult-level strength to pull the door open again. At least that is how it was explained to me

  29. delisting is a simply about not having the license to sell the game anymore, for example THQ had taken all of their products off the market when going bankrupt the first time.

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