Going in at 60mph

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  1. If the driver is a drug mule, just add a sticker that states the vehicle is a mobile'll prevent law enforcement from entering the least for 77 minutes.

  2. Tehran has been entertaining. Apple TV.

  3. Thought of it… does it have a new crime each episode? That’s what I’m looking for specially.

  4. Nah. See my edit. Maybe black list? I watched the first season (or 2?) when it was new. Remember it being good, just forgot to get back to it when next seasons came out. I don’t recall, but it might have new crimes (or targets for cia) each episode.

  5. Ty for responding. Black list still has target of the week type of episodes, since liz died. So it’s back to being “watchable”. Homeland was a one target for each season. It was the best espionage show , shortly followed by the Americans, I think.

  6. Just curious, are they edible ( salvageable) or do they get tossed straight to tip?

  7. I might well be the ONLY one here who read “manicure” because I saw the hands first.

  8. i’m learning german these words are a little too groß for me

  9. I think the implications is … old school money plus powerful positions. Cronyism and nepotism especially is heavily implied. I think. I can see how she could get away with murder.

  10. I don't know what you are looking to buy but you can do a lot better than a store with a 96% feedback score.

  11. Excuse me? He is very polite and participates in this family more than the average teen sibling would. He is also one of my best friends and is very appreciative of the cakes I make for him

  12. I wonder if they thought they were being called meant “ maide “…

  13. If there is one thing brummies don’t sound like it, it’s posh

  14. Literally!!!!! I can spot them from a mile away… regardless of how much they try to sound it😂

  15. Why walvis? I need to know the secret, cos no one is letting me in on something!!☺️

  16. I have family there. Thanks for the Avis tip

  17. They said he was suffering from moon blindness where UV rays caused him extreme suffering and blindness so they removed his eyes to stop his pain !

  18. Namibia's version of the Coke/Pepsi challenge goes like this:

  19. I hate it!!! I’m sorry guys but I really don’t like it’s look 🤮

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