1. Lucci literally transformed into his pink panther form and used Rokushiki technique, probably with Haki to do that.

  2. There's already a subreddit for that.

  3. He is a top tier, thats for sure. But he isnt as high as many people make him to be. People saying he is top 1 or top 5. You get the idea.

  4. I had a dream one night that the island the OP is being held on was just some house on a raft with a sea before it or treasure expanding on for eternity at the edge of the world. In the house it was larger on the inside than on the outside and it was a giant warp puzzle. You’d walk in door 3 room 2 floor 7 and you’d come out at door 7 room 8 floor 5. So naturally I couldn’t find the actual one piece

  5. Tell me more about it, I'm all ears.

  6. I disagree with Doflamingo not being in the same league as Jack and Cracker (if thats what you meant).

  7. No character other than yc1 and above can block a direct gear 4 attack

  8. Doflamingo literally blocked the first Kong Gun although he was blown away he still blocked it and mainly got hurt from the force of falling down.

  9. Considering how easily Sanji beat Queen, I'm gonna say our cook can do it. Cracker gets beaten easily if you ask me, his durability is nothing compared to others of/around his league, and Jozu probably pushes Sanji to high diff tbh, but ultimately, the cook wins.

  10. When Luffy fully masters Haki and G5 he will roflstomp them. But current Luffy, no.

  11. No single character, not even Shanks, is beating 3 Admirals at once.

  12. Bait thread by Ladmiral stans. Akainu was at ~40%, or 50% max. People can continue coping harder than ever now.

  13. I don't even know as to why a notion that the new gen will be stronger than the old gen in prime seems like a common sense, but there is literally no Xebec figure so far except maybe Imu-sama and I can't fathom Zoro being the one to team up with Luffy just like Roger and Garp did

  14. Blackbeard is Xebec, Luffy is Roger and Coby is Garp.

  15. Smoker is the next Sengoku, and Sabo is Ace, or at least Sabo inherited Ace's will. But its also unclear whether Sabo would be the next Dragon, as Dragon is still active in the current generation.

  16. Why is there a literal desert (Hamerfell) just on the border with High Rock and Skyrim which are supposed to be very cold regions? Nature on Nirn is not the same as ours.

  17. We've seen plenty of times in One Piece where things don't pan out the way the narrative suggests they will, it's called a plot twist. If you think that Zoro will defeat Mihawk and everything will have a happy ending where the good guys always win, then I suggest you go watch Fairy Tail.

  18. Beating Mihawk is his literal end goal that was established in the early beginning. Happy ending is something we will get, because if you didn't notice we got it many times. Have you seen Enies Lobby? Fishmand Island? Dressrosa? Wano? Good endings, with the Straw Hats liberating the people of evil. The happiness or goodness is the main thing of One Piece, as in contrast to Fairy Tail, the good guys beat the bad guys. Seriously, I think you missed the entire point of the show.

  19. Good guys beat the bad guys. Mihawk is not a bad guy. I think the psychopath who kills innocents and jailed criminals beats him in the bad guy department.

  20. Except this time its not about the good guy beating a bad guy. Its a duel between two respectable swordsmen, with one carrying the title of the Worlds Strongest Swordsman, and the other one having a dream of beating the former. Its literally that simple.

  21. And Garp in his old days can't deal with Whitebeard either, Garp would go down against Whitebeard the same way Akainu did

  22. Have fun wanking characters with no basis, I'll stick to what was shown/stated in the manga honey 😘

  23. "Wanking characters with no basis." Wow.

  24. Its B, C or F, but I'm gonna go with C. Garp and Sengoku were fighting Roger, Whitebeard and others including Rocks, Shiki, etc.

  25. Its B, C or F, but I'm gonna go with C. Garp and Sengoku were fighting Roger, Whitebeard and others including Rocks, Shiki, etc.

  26. People saw some YC fights and inserted a new magical power level that is in some people's minds a point away from Yonko level. Madness.

  27. Bro gow mfs think that kratos is 11d somehow wtff

  28. I like how people just assume all fictions work the same like there are 11 dimensions even though its not stated and the characters alongside us see only 3.

  29. Lol Big Mom lost to the plot. Actual unbiased fight would have Big Mom literally eat them like pancakes.

  30. Walks in. Loses track of Luffy ( shit observation haki), gets bitten by a seaking ( shit armament haki), scares off seaking but conqueror's haki too weak to faint (garbage conqueror's haki). Strikes a pose. Leave.

  31. Still shat on everyone in Marineford. Keep trying.

  32. Why are people using dimensions for temporal powers in fiction? 4th dimension as time might not even be a thing in Bleach. Can I see dimensions being mentioned in the manga as its been a long while since I've read it?

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