1. This is generally true but with some notable exceptions. Case in point- Charles Oliveira

  2. If I'm the only healer I take healer no matter what. But being the only tank option and being the only healer option aren't comparable imo. You don't always need a tank but you always want a healer.

  3. Disagree, I’ve won several games with no healer against teams with a healer. The added damage output is too much for some teams to handle

  4. Me too! People think you NEED a healer in ARAM, but in my experience you can easily win 1 out of every 20 games without one.

  5. I’m on a ~50% win rate with no healer when I have a hero I can carry with

  6. This is sound advice to young men to protect themselves

  7. No, it’s telling them that they don’t have a leg to stand on in rape charges because they have a penis and women can’t rape men. All lies.

  8. Yes, good idea. Give those men no forewarning to protect themselves in case something goes wrong

  9. You look like the crazy uncle whose racist rants got him uninvited from the last few thanksgivings

  10. Dredd. Looked like a campy, low-budget action movie. Boy was I wrong. I watched it 5 times in a row the first time I saw it

  11. The porn industry. It’s exploitative, dehumanizing, and highly addictive

  12. Yeah but you’re not fucking, are you? You’re jerking off to pixels

  13. I’d add the moment in Jupiter Jazz when Gren tells Vicious he believed in him. Vicious’ reply, “There’s no need to believe in anything”. One of the most poignant windows we get into Vicious’ psyche

  14. I would never live there. Look how tiny the bedrooms are

  15. Driver with Ryan Gosling. Wanted to like it but felt like a really aggravating, wannabe edgy movie. Cannot stand it and don’t understand why it’s beloved by some

  16. That’s my favorite movie. Worth watching for the soundtrack alone

  17. I’ll never understand why people buy glass tables. Why introduce a giant sheet of dangerous, breakable material into your living space. Wood is safer and more visually appealing

  18. The pants look tailored to you, great find. Add a belt and you’ve got yourself a fit

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