1. eh, i've seen some where they tag a canon ship because the couple in said fic shows up, so i kinda get that, and i've seen some fics where it's a 'one ship per chapter' story

  2. eh, there's some fics that imply that that he might be a sexual predator, but i'm the camp that he may have a lot of sexual 'deviances' but he always respects consent

  3. They should share their menstruation info with primary source documents, just stick the pad on the principal's door every morning.

  4. i'd make them very uncomfortable about how heavy they are (thank fuck i'm back on the pill...)

  5. They want to make the pill illegal. As they've convinced themselves it's abortion. And they've convinced themselves they have a say in other people's destiny.

  6. and i guess they're gonna be surprised when people who are on the pill to stop going crazy once a month from hormones and pain pull a katherine knight on them... /s

  7. May I see the pattern? 20 stitches doesn't seem like enough. Either way, the hat will be very warm.

  8. it'll be a garter stitch, i think the yarn is #6 bulky

  9. Huh, I'm not used to #6 so I'm probably mis-counting. Either way, it should be plenty good for cold weather

  10. it's also stretchy, so it should fit most heads (i plan on selling the hats)

  11. okay, giraffes are one of my S tier animals, mostly because of

  12. ngl, if i owned a restaurant, i'd let him eat at my establishment

  13. But how's he gonna eat after removing his fingers?!

  14. as others said, he's only removed the pinkies and ring fingers, but i'd still check on him and see how he eats

  15. I tap my teeth and slide my jaw around to make or match music in my head. Do you do this too?

  16. yeah, something similar, it moves side to side unconsciously

  17. I crochet and I make amigurumi fantasy characters/animals

  18. i sell scarves, hats, coasters, and bracelets at a couple local stores

  19. sadly, the only star wars merch i have are a couple stickers and a temp tattoo

  20. I can read it regardless if you don’t mind

  21. Ohhh i would love to read your work! Proud of yoy

  22. do you like helluva boss? because that's the fandom it's in

  23. if we're talking about the posters, infinity war's good because of the reds and circles focusing our eyes to the main characters and showing that thanos is a bigger threat than they've ever met with before. the blues in endgame help calm us a bit, assuring us there will be a happy ending, but the white line shows that not everyone might make it out alive, and it's cool stormbreaker in the upper left-hand corner

  24. Me now : put an empty TP roll on the TP roller, stick yarn on it, and rollrollroll. 😏

  25. if you're using 3 yarns, you could possibly braid them

  26. the only time i was okay with the puzzle piece was when an autistic friend's sibling made shortbread cookies with monarch butterfly (local organizations mascot) and puzzle piece shapes for our rummage sale, in which we had multiple donations

  27. once the season's over, i might watch it out of curiosity

  28. as an aspie, the only accurate part of this is infodumping

  29. i have a bookmarks folder on my chrome account, mainly because i have too many things to read because i don't have much time to read them

  30. okay, but if this was a thrill ride, we'd probably line up for it

  31. Really great moment from one of my favorite wedding issues! I always wondered if Peter David mentioned to Gary Frank to draw Death as she is shown in Sandman, or if Frank made that call himself! Either way a fun moment

  32. ngl, i thought that was domino, the mutant with luck/probability powers

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