1. You are giving off mad Frank N Furter vibes here. I am so confused.

  2. I know you like girls more...but I'm 61 and still very fertile, if you ever need a baby...I'm game , well way more than game...I'm hot for teacher...so getting it on would be easy

  3. You’re fucking gross and I hope you have shit coming to you

  4. The leftist energy is strong with this one.

  5. You’ve got me more than dripping already

  6. I find im falling for you too, you always turn me on

  7. It’s not for you lol- body hair is natural and completely okay to have.

  8. Your wish is my command 😈😈😈🧡🧡🧡

  9. So my worlds on here can be shared and played with other switch players, if I’m reading this right- I might make an all out world for us all! If you know anymore abt this, dm me please on here or OF (don’t worry the sub is free and messaging me there is free, it’s just easier)

  10. Funny, reporting them for harassment should get them blocked fast. The inherent problem with the internet though is no one is permanently blockable since by nature it's anonymous

  11. Very true but I can do my best… well not anymore

  12. Hey, even if you were a guy I’d probably still would like to smash you though. But, it’s even better now that you are a girl also love the androgynous look though.🤌

  13. Now that I’m a girl? I’ve always been a woman? Afab here

  14. Oh come here 😈I’ll grab that chain and a whole lot more

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