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  1. My first thought was how far Bo Nix fell, he was the next big thing after starting as a freshman at Auburn 10 years ago.

  2. I get a notification in the US too

  3. You do? Is it through the location/facility that you donate to? That is really neat that you get those.

  4. The Red Cross has a Blood Donor app that will notify you, it's pretty cool

  5. Where in the everloving fuck is this? I must go there at once!

  6. pulled rock village wulong district chongqing

  7. Something for your neighbor. Message a guitar shaped jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are good for stroke victims to do.

  8. The little kid hiding under the mannequin would have been me. I was the kid trying to hide in the middle of the circular clothes rack while my mom yelled for me to "get over here, now".

  9. Somehow Edmonton will get the 1st pick in the draft (is this joke still relevant)

  10. Is there a return policy for Florida?

  11. Which one is a defenseman? I'll take that guy

  12. If you need one more win you should play me, I'm terrrrrrrible

  13. Unfortunately there have been several former Buckeyes that have passed away tragically (Will Smith comes to mind). I don't think we need to retire the number but can do something as a tribute.

  14. That's a cool site, thanks for sharing!

  15. You realize they have bots maintaining it?

  16. I don't think there are any bots in

  17. "...states that treating any human being as a means to some other end is the basis of all unethical behavior"

  18. "people of the northern outer belt" that is how I will describe myself from now on!

  19. I couldn't watch with sound on. What were some things that pissed you off?

  20. This is why campaign finance reform would be such a blessing

  21. Congrats! What do you think led to the big jump from the 1000 to the 1300 rating? Also, what did you do to learn? I'm just now getting into chess...

  22. I think there are cases where certain things just click for us and cause a large rating increase sometimes. Obviously doesn't happen all the time but yeah, sometimes you just... Play really well

  23. I've been looking for a straightforward breakdown of what to learn, this is perfect. Thanks!

  24. That was really interesting, thanks for sharing!

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