1. Do you choke your mother with it when you put your penis in her butthole?

  2. ngl, richard branson probably shouldn’t chime in here. but that’s just me

  3. I will be taking requests. Name a character and I'll tell you what name my little brother comes up with

  4. We are like the people who were watching Gladiators fight and kill each other. It is just horrifying to think that we can treat thousands of deaths like a meme material.

  5. That's war. What are we gonna do about it? No one asked for this. Not the Ukranians, not the Russian public. Not the rest of us commenting on reddit. Just a few old angry manchildren.

  6. Can someone explain this? Saw a creator on YouTube do a similar thing and couldn't understand.

  7. Right, but the map is displaying religious affiliation, not whether or not they’re practicing.

  8. Religious Affiliation = Religion people affiliate themselves with = Religion people practice

  9. They're like 300% his friends trying to hype him up in front of the crowd.

  10. Most people from IITs rarely stay in India though. They either move to the west or start a business in India.

  11. Based and most active in China. The sheer population is enough to get that first place.

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