1. She was! We were just hugging and then we looked at each and she leaned in for a kiss, and I followed.

  2. Neither are flattering honestly. You have a great shape but those outfits aren’t doing you justice

  3. They look fine, I think you need to moisture under you eyes maybe

  4. YES! I noticed this right away too! Definitely not feeling attracted to her with that limp handholding

  5. I like it it OJ or lemonade, but mostly I just put a scoop directly on my tongue and wash it down with whatever I’m drinking. I can taste it when I add to drinks but it has way less taste when I just drop it in my mouth. The BE dissolve my fav product by far.

  6. Shortly after our 31st anniversary, I found her journals. Never had a clue, red flag, hint etc. We have stayed together but the pain never really leaves. I know full disclosure would have been a relief but never really received the details and so I think about it every day.

  7. How is your relationship now? Do you have good times where you feel as in love with her as you were pre affair knowledge?

  8. Dude transferred to Michigan, not saying she had anything to do with it. But makes you wonder lol

  9. I've wondered about this due to the price. I believe after my indigent discount I can get 660 mgs of it for around 50 dollars. Have you tried it?

  10. The dissolve powder is my absolute favorite product. Used to mix it in a drink. Now I just drop it in my mouth and wash it down. Tastes better alone and only a slight taste in beverages

  11. She’s constantly posting for attention and its sad really. But I have no compassion when she’s trying to insult people with gay slurs, how is this allowed?

  12. It’s a chair not a throne Your Royal Highness! Just because it happens to be the same seat Lee, Sandy or whoever else sits and buries farts into, doesn’t make it more reverent than anywhere else on the boat.

  13. It’s simply a clear example of her total lack of respect for anything or anyone else.

  14. So glad Robyn got this idiot all to herself. They deserve each other.

  15. Jenelle left too? Sry I wasn’t following for quite a while

  16. She said that they are separated and she’s happy. Very happy!

  17. Not what you want to hear but please listen:

  18. Kirsten’s mother is beyond gorgeous. I like did a double take

  19. Mitch would think so. 😉🤪. Sorry not sorry. Perfect setup about attractive moms

  20. We do this always. So much protein too. Burrito bowls, French onion dip, baked potatoes, so many options. Love it!

  21. Protein is the main reason I want to do this. The other reason is having one versatile ingredient instead of multiple

  22. For a dessert sometimes I get a bowl of Greek yogurt and put a pump or two of sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup from Sbucks, maybe throw some sliced almonds in it.

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