1. tell ‘em who sent you, how much you want (your average plug isn’t going to traverse for less than an eighth), and where to meet up. Also especially on your first time, don’t try to get a front, like seriously don’t. If you don’t have the money buy weed another day. Also if you ask for an eighth and he doesn’t have anything below $40 for just the bud not including gas fees or something, block them. But yea just send em a text that’s like “My friend so and so gave me ur number i’m tryna find a new plug can i get an eighth” and then just find a meet up

  2. What form of weed will it be in? Infused peanut butter? Distillate oil poured in thw sandwich. Those dogs want plastic explosives not your pb&j

  3. i’m taking a weed chocolate that’s quite small (a 50 mg square is about the size of a quarter) and just cutting it up and putting it on there. And don’t question my methods that’s usually how i do it. They don’t taste too good it tastes like overly sweet chocolate and weed but i cant taste it in a sandwich

  4. Gotta do what you gotta do. I seriously doubt you’ll have any issues unless the airport security has a specific problem where it needs to be in a factory sealed bag. Even if that’s the case and they give you trouble over it, you’ll just have to eat that bad boy right then and there or toss it out. You should be fine with your initial plans

  5. if they toss out my sandwich i’ll just be more mad that i gotta buy food. Seriously why is fast food so expensive now it’s like $10 for a meal

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