1. Gave me chills, how they blended the receive player and crowd reactions with varying angles with sick goals combined with the banners falling (which i didn't know they they did) was phenomenal

  2. I also think could be time to get a new coach, they've had Lando for a while and haven't had success for a long time and you can only switch up the players so many times without trying a change at a non-playing position. Anything to try and make this team relevant again.

  3. Anything they can do to change up and help this dumpster fire of a team over the last year. Big fan of Jruss though hope he does well.

  4. Sunless way off with this one. I agree with how much RL there is the same matchups week after week can get old. But the old system sucked SO much, you scrim all week and play 1-2 series each week and after 7 weeks that's it? Definitely got watch worse talent because it was super flukey. Also it gatekeept all talent and you saw the same matchups and teams every season, this format is 10x better. But i agree something can be done, but I dont miss the old format AT ALL after watching what RL has become, its much more pure and exciting that 4 hours of RL and thats the entire weekend with like 1 good matchup all day. No thanks, sorry Sunless.

  5. Psyonix listening to community and making a swift change to something that was universally disliked.....I can't believe what im reading. I love the new Psyonix

  6. Sorry to go 'slightly' against you on this Fox, but I have to say that I believe the punishment is a bit too harsh.

  7. Welcome to reddit, where you get downvoted no matter what you say and how thought out it is, if you disagree with the group think echo chamber you get downvoted. People only like hearing their own opinion reflected in others on the internet, duhh.

  8. i mean he's never been good so it doesn't matter either way. Won CRL when it was a joke

  9. Ah yes the days of C3RL, turds like him and cargo try to pretend they were on Mount Olympus for winning/success in the early days of college rocket league LOL

  10. This is actually one of the most wtf moment I have ever seen in this game. Does anybody know what rank he is?

  11. He's actually pretty high for a non pro gamer and a pro athlete in an actual sport.... i think i read somewhere (don't quote me on this) like gc/gc2? Obviously not rlcs level but boy has some skills

  12. Legend of the scene. Thank you for everything

  13. ^ 69 upvotes, please everybody think of the children and leave this post be

  14. Yeah it makes no sense and def takes fun/enjoyment out of the rocket pass, but what can we do? (Shrug)

  15. Don’t mind me just waiting for fandango1989’s comment

  16. Awww thanks m8, it's nice to know someone cares, but don't worry I'm still here, I think I just made a tactical error in oversaturating the market with posting on too many consecutive threads in a row, from now going forward I will use it more sporadically and intermittently which will still get the message across but hopefully won't ruffle as many feathers, people take these threads very seriously, who knew RL esports reddit was life or death material

  17. Nothing wrong at all with it, but making douchebag comments trying to be edgy and funny using big words like "fuck" that hes not allowed to use at home just ain't it

  18. I was making a joke that the community manager is the best one on the team. Even when you’re trying to be smart you’re an idiot.

  19. No I know you were joking thats why I said something, I wanted to just show how enjoyable it is when you're trying to make a lighthearted joke on reddit and have some fun, and some self-serious guy comes along and makes a smart ass comment and shares his opinion you weren't asking for, for no other reason than to rain on your parade and just to be an asshole

  20. But I also said a joke before you came on the thread to let me know how cool and edgy you were even though my comment wasn't even directed on you and your opinion didn't matter and provided nothing useful to the thread so I guess its pretty related. And oh I'm having a great day as well, like I said getting some 13 year olds salty on reddit who take esports discussion a little too seriously and feel the need to post every hour to share their opinion on every topic won't change my day at all, life's too good BB. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

  21. Shit no wonder you were so bent out of shape about my comment, you take this video game opinion discussion WAY too seriously, you're deep diving player stats to use it as a holy grail even though everyone knows there's much more to it than that, sorry man this just ain't it, sypical was not looking good last split and has fallen off and most pros agree, you need to watch some games rather than just going on Octane GG spreadsheets for all your opinions, players like retals and marcby8 may not show up on stat sheets, anyone understanding the game knows that, better luck next time bb ;)

  22. Hey thanks you're pretty cool too, I don't know I may have to stop because even though I'm not even talking to them most of these 16 year olds need to chime in and tell me their opinion which is I'm not successful in making them laugh which wasn't even my goal so I consider it mission accomplished!

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